Words from a friend about our single custom lanyards, and you can bet once people buy from us, we keep them coming back.  If you're like a lot of folks who have tried to buy customized lanyard ID supplies online, any person might be thunderstruck thanks to the unwanted online websites and sellers out there. The amount of spam in this industry is absolutely incredible, and it's hard to find a solid supplier.  We've seen a lot of imitators come and go, but we've been selling lanyards online since 1999.

Charlette had mentioned that we she saved $27.40 on her order, versus ordering from another competitor. Take a look at what she has to say down below.

Pictured: a custom lanyards for single ID

Single Custom Lanyards

Material: Polyester or Cotton
Colors: black, white, red, green and blue
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Some customers might include lineman (utility workers), military police, church choir, salesmen.


Customer Profile

Name: Charlette H.
Favorite Movie: L'Âge d'Or
Item Ordered: single custom lanyards
Ordered For: Teachers at school
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


My Crazy Trip


Hello again you asked me to give you some feedback based on my last order and here is what I have to say. Before I start I want to tell you that I only planned to order from you once, hopefully it won’t be the case again because I realized I hate managing, so much stress involved! From now on I will look at managers in a different way. Anyway, Nikki was nice to me and she was so patient … I was done with the order in less than half an hour because we had to discuss a few things about the design. The products were delivered the other day and my family is still putting everything together for our event. We want this thing to be a blast!

So I'm part of a school in Alabama and I while I was on a trip I had to make a little stop at the hospital. I dont want to go into to much detail, but it was basically the worst trip ever!!!  Well you'll never believe it but the patient next to me was actually a school teacher and she was telling me about a parent/teacher conference that she just had and what she did. I told her about my event and asked her where she got her 8th grade school supplies and custom lanyards and she told me it was lanyardstore.com.  I always say: you'll be surprised with the people you meet!

Well I got out of the hospital made it back home safe and sound and after I ordered my printed items from you, with a orange logo imprint of Weatherford High School it came in 13 days! I was quite taken with them. Moving. As my Cousin Mitch used to say: A mightiest champion continues withstanding the troublesome. I know it's wordy but he always used to say it.

Anyways, figured I'd say thanks and let you know what exactly happened! Best regards

Charlette H.
Montgomery, AL


When you call, ask for Nikki for expert customer service. If you are vacationing, we’ll be at the American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE) in Orlando, FL and check our ad in San Gabriel Valley Tribune for products such as identification card printers, membership card holder and badge holder necklaces.

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