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Example of lanyard for the ID

the lanyard

Material: polyester or cotton fabric
Colors: black, white, royal blue, green, navy blue, red, yellow, gray, orange, pink. custom colors available.
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Screen Printed
Common Uses:
Frequently used by hospital gift shops, nurses, exhibitors, conference exhibitors.


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Customer Profile

Name: Chassidy P.
Favorite Passtime or Hobby: Jewelry Making
Item Ordered: the lanyard
Ordered For: Field Trip
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


A Very Happy Customer! :)

My associate made a mistake and told you the wrong color for some of the accessories but I eventually realized they could fit perfectly in my other department. I hope she doesn’t mess things up next time because it isn’t nice spending extra money. Let me take this time to put in my review of your service.

I had gone in for my regular check up at the doctor’s office. I saw my doctor using accessories for a trade show and lanyards and I cross examined where he had got them. My doctor told me he had bought it from lanyardstore.com. I have purchased these items from Sunrise Promotions, but was pleased by your service.

I decided to order things from you, with a spring green logo imprint of Jay High School. It only took 5 days! I’m always satisfied to get quick service when I need it the most.

Chassidy P.
Tucson, AZ


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