We always love to hear what customers think of our products and our services.  Robert was an individual used his feedback letter as more of a "Thank You" to one of our customer representatives.  He called us last minute to purchase some lanyards and badge holders for his event, which was just a few days away.  Check out what he had to say.

Customer Profile

Name: Rob C.
Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters 2
Item Ordered: lanyards and badge holders
Ordered For: Business Event
Date of Response: September 22, 2010


Thanks Tom!

I typically don't do these things because I think there a huge waste of time, but I felt like I should say something.  I don't know who this goes to, but please pass this along to Tom.  Tom, you really saved my butt man.  Being the procrastonator I am, I waited until the week of my event to start looking for supplies.  I mean, how hard could it be to order some lanyards and stuff within a week, right?  Apparently a lot harder than I thought.  I must have called at around 9pm yelling about how I needed them immediately.  I felt like you were talking me down off of a ledge LOL.  Sorry for freaking out at that point I was in pulling-my-hair out mode.  I must have seemed like a crazy stalker for calling every like 20 seconds.  But you knew I was in a rush and processed my order and said it was going to ship the next day.  Of course I called you like 3 more times to make sure and after I got the tracking number, I finally shut up.  Again, can't say thanks enough for everything.

Burbank, CA



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