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The styles you see in our repertoire are custom designed by us. We don't just order a bunch of random pre-made badge holders from China. We actually draw up different designs, based on ideal specifications at a particular price point, and then make samples and experiment with the designs.

Does this one hold enough pens? How can we make the absolute cheapest neck wallets (which are still functional)? What material is the best for printing on? Etc., etc. And this is why you won't find our items on any other website. Except of course, those that resell the products they buy from us wholesale.

What giveaway would really make a positive impact on your customers? What item is so useful that mostly everyone would find a purpose for it? There are just a few items can that fit this category and one of them is neck wallets. Even your 7-year old would love to have his own wallet, so giving away unique printed badge holders in your marketing campaign is a great strategy to promote your business. Wearing neck wallets is very comfortable not to mention the fact that they are a lot lighter than the regular wallets.

In certain circumstances our badge holders are much more useful than regular wallets, mainly because they are more protected when worn at your neck and also because they are easier to access. Stealing wallets is one of the most prolific criminal activities and law enforcement always advices citizens to wear their wallets in places where robbers can’t reach easily.

Our societies are getting more and more crowded and it’s easier to get distracted and have your regular wallet stolen, especially during events, malls or concerts. You should always wear a neck wallet when attending such events. Do you see now how important these items are and how valuable they are for both your staff as well as your customers?

Neck wallets from LanyardStore are some of the cheapest printed badge holders on the market. Where could you find a wallet and a badge holders costing less than a dollar? We are popular on the internet for offering the cheapest lanyards in the industry. Plus, our neck wallets are designed by our team and you won’t find our designs anywhere else. From the cheapest economy neck wallet to the custom printed deluxe neck wallet, the price varies according to how complex the design is and how much material has been used to create the product.
Have any questions regarding your neck wallet order? Please don’t hesitate to contact our live chat support. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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Printed badge holder as low as 20 cents each. With imprint! Great for trade show, convention, schools. Buy factory-direct and save. We have been in business for over 15 years. Whether your order is for 72 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our direct pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service. Special sale products. These items are used by our customers every day for the past 20 years. For example, Doug Stanton, 39, had written for adventure magazines that he used our badge holders for his crew when they were on a trip. We also export to anywhere in the world. Printed badge holder as low as 20 cents each. With imprint! Great for trade show, convention, schools. Buy factory-direct and save.

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