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  1. Custom Printed Discount Lanyards

    Discount Custom Printed Lanyards - Printed in USA

    Offering discount printed lanyards personalized with your text for low as .53 cents! These are 3/4 inch wide super strength nylon lanyards with your choice from three attachments. This item usually costs $2.25 or more elsewhere. These are our best selling custom lanyards because of their durable nylon material that comes in five different colors. 3/4" is a large enough print surface to display bold print but isn't too wide making it uncomfortable to wear. Perfect for schools, conventions, expos, trade shows and more. Printed in USA and shipped from USA means we are the only company that can offer true 1-day rush service on printed lanyards. Learn More
  2. Cheap Printed Lanyards - Cheapest Printed Lanyards in USA

    Super Cheap Printed Lanyards

    Super Cheap Printed Lanyards. These custom lanyards are made out of a nylon material that are 3/4" wide and .5mm thick, and feature a plastic hook. These have a large imprint area so you can customize your low priced lanyard for your office or event. With a low base price and a low minimum order these are an excellent choice for budget oriented cheap lanyards.
    Minimum orders start at just 50 lanyards! Learn More
  3. Super Cheap Blank 3/4" inch Wide Lanyards

    Super Cheap Blank 3/4" Lanyards - No Imprint

    3/4" Super Economy Blank Lanyards. Perfect for any budget. These wholesale lanyards are sold blank (NO imprint) and come with a plastic hook attachment. These are our most inexpensive lanyards (in 3/4" width) and can be packed and shipped out the same day. Transit time depends on where they are shipping to (please let us know if you have a deadline date!) The material is a lightweight and smooth nylon. The plastic hook attaches to ID holders or anything with a smaller opening. These are perfect for weekend events, reunions, cruise trips/vacations, conventions, field trips and company outings. The plastic hook also make these a popular item for use around water or electricity. Available in 6 different colors. Learn More
  4. Discount Blank Lanyards

    3/8 inch Inexpensive Wholesale Blank Lanyards - Ships Immediately

    Wholesale inexpensive blank lanyards, constructed from a thick weave nylon material. These lanyards are meant to last and are perfect for most events. Can be ordered in different widths, colors, and have a choice of 3 different attachments. Our most popular neck lanyard used for schools, staff, corporate events, conventions, church members, reunions, camps, vacations or concerts. Ships from the USA, directly from our warehouse in Nevada. Orders placed before 1pm Pacific time M-F will ship the same day! Best Quality Lanyards You Can Buy! **** Sold ONLY in Bundles of 50 **** key terms: 00102, blue, red, yellow, black, green, pink, white, blue, cheap, economy, discount, blank, non printed, neck straps, id holder, badge holder, credentials, 38-bl, bamboo Learn More
  5. Woven logo - Embroidered custom lanyards

    Embroidered Logo Lanyards ☆ Woven-In Designs

    Super-Strength Woven Nylon embroidered logo lanyard. These Woven-In logo lanyards can be ordered with a width of 1/2" or 3/4" and come with a wide variety of colors and attachments. Check out our superior quality thread-count
    Highest detail from our state-of-the-art equipment!
    The high thread-count allows for very fine detail you won't find from other sources.

    Production time: 10 business days. Search terms: woven logo lanyard, custom embroidered logo lanyard Learn More
  6. Custom USB Holder - Cell Phone Holder Lanyards

    Custom Printed Wrist Lanyards ☆ Cell Phone/USB Lanyards

    Custom printed cell phone holder Lanyards with your Logo! Also holds USB drive, thumb drives, or other items with loop hole. Use this cell phone lanyard to hold your iphone or android mobile device (when compatible). These are great as promotional products for a tech company or cell phone repair service. Custom Lengths and imprints.. no problem! Purchase your cell phone straps today! search terms: lanyards that can hold cell phones, cell phone hooks, cell phone clip, cell strap, lanyards, cell phone holder, cellphone lanyards, cell phone lanyard, mobile phone lanyard, cellphone strap, cellphonelanyard Learn More
  7. PPE Mask Lanyards - Double-Ended Mask Holder Lanyards

    Blank or Custom Printed PPE mask holder lanyards - Double Ended Mask Lanyards with Logo

    *THESE ARE A CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION ITEM* Production time is currently 2 weeks, even for blanks. These are blank or custom printed PPE mask holder lanyards. Double-ended mask lanyards with clips on each end. The double clips keep the mask around the neck when removed. Easy to find and put back on anytime. Lightweight and unobtrusive, yet sturdy and strong. *CUSTOM LENGTH AVAILABLE FOR KIDS* Standard 3/8" wide and 32" to 34" length (custom lengths no problem) For kids Kindergarten to 4th grade 25" length recommended. For kids 5th to 7th 28" length recommended. Different lengths bagged separately! *OPTIONAL BREAKAWAY FOR SCHOOLS* Medical mask lanyards with convenient double clips to hold mask and keep handy. Optional breakaway is available (make selections below) *AVAILABLE BLANK or PRINTED* (Make selection below to calculate price) Comes with standard alligator clips shown, or other options such as J-hook, plastic hooks, or combo. Wide assortment of color options! Double-ended lanyards with breakaway (optional). Can also be made smaller double-ended lanyards for kids. Also known as open-ended mask lanyards, or double-clip lanyards. *WE ACCEPT POs FROM SCHOOLS* Learn More
  8. Stretch Elastic PPE Mask Holder Straps

    Elastic PPE Mask Holder Straps - Medical Mask Lanyard Holders

    These are custom printed mask holder head straps hold a medical mask in place without ear irritation. Custom printed with your logo or design. Comes in a wide assortment of color options! These custom PPE mask holder straps have locking clamps to hold mask in place all day long. Standard 5/8" wide and 4" length Prices shown include 1-color custom imprint on 1 side of material Learn More
  9. Vape pen lanyard attachments

    E-cig, Vaping Pen Lanyard Attachments

    Vaping pen holder lanyards attachment for vape pen.
    This attachment holds standard size 'starter kit' vape pen.

    This is the attachment only
    With this item, you would normally order one of the following lanyards:

    1) Standard blank lanyard with cell phone loop (3/8" or 3/4" wide)
    2) Bling lanyard with loop attachment
    3) Custom printed cell-phone lanyard (many color options)

    4) SPECIAL:
    Custom printed vape pen lanyard (Includes attachment, so you don't need to order this attachment)


    search terms: vaping pen lanyards, vaporizer, e-cig attachment, e-cigarette, electronic cigarette, vapepenlanyards, holder, smoking, vape shop supplies,

    Learn More
  10. Custom Printed Lanyards Embedded with Gemstones, Rhinestones or Studs

    Custom Printed Lanyards Embedded with Gemstones, Rhinestones or Studs

    In addition to custom printing your lanyard, you can also have them studded with embedded rhinestones, gemstones, studs, nailheads or other settings. Settings are placed symmetrically on each side of the lanyard. You have the choice of two, four, or six total settings. This creates an eye-catching accent to your text or logo, and gives the lanyard a unique high-end appeal.

    For lanyards being used as a higher-value promotional item, many customers find that adding a little bling goes a long way.

    Each decorative setting is affixed by hand, so this customization process takes a little longer.

    Current settings choices we offer are listed in the drop down options below.

    For standard lanyards: Click Here


    Search terms:
    metal studs, metallic, inlaid, gems, embedded, settings, rhinestones, nailheads, silver, gold, bronze, jewels, bejeweled, bling, skulls, hearts, stars, lanyards, custom printed, personalized, customized, fancy, unique

    Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 80 total

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