The Lanyards Store offers blank lanyards low as 19 cents each. Now on Sale! Overnight delivery available on plain items in stock. Nobody beats our prices and quality. Compare and save...

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The styles you see in our repertoire are custom designed by us. We don't just order a bunch of random pre-made badge holders from China. We actually draw up different designs, based on ideal specifications at a particular price point, and then make samples and experiment with the designs.

Blank lanyards ordering means shipped overnight. Also rush custom lanyards can be shipped the next day.
Need overnight lanyards of exceptional quality at the lowest price possible and also get done with the order in a matter of minutes? Then you came to the right place. Lanyards Store is the top lanyard manufacturer on the internet and we are renowned for producing high quality lanyards at an unbeatable price. Check other manufacturers and compare the prices, you see the difference.
Why do we sell our lanyards that cheap? It’s because we have invested half a million dollars in printing equipment in order to efficiently print lanyards quickly here in USA. We can produce rush lanyards overnight in order to meet the requirements of your custom order. There are many situations where you just can’t wait a 10 days to for your order and you need your lanyards printed fast and shipped the next day. is an expert in quick custom lanyard manufacturing, that’s the reason we are on top position in Google.
Rush custom or blank lanyards are the perfect alternative when you've waited too long to place the order. Here are a few of the most common situations when going ahead with blank lanyards should be your first choice:
- When you require lanyards in a very quick time frame
- When your budget is limited
- When you require simple lanyards without a specific theme
- When your require simple lanyards that are more durable than other kinds of strap attachments
The rush custom lanyards are made out of wide super strength nylon strap material, which is the same material as our blank lanyards. They are ot your ordinary super cheap lanyards and you can safely use them for various tasks that require additional toughness and durability. If you need something more than a $0.20 inexpensive lanyard, and if our highly customized denim lanyards are a bit too much for what you require, while time is an important factor in making your choice, rush lanyards are perfect for your needs.
Rush custom lanyards are meant to be used intensively in various environments. They are your industrial, heavy duty lanyards that don’t really need to be printed with complex logos for marketing purposes. Blank lanyards and also rush custom lanyards, when ordered from The Lanyards Store, will be shipped overnight!

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Blank Lanyards

Blank lanyards low as 19 cents each. Overnight delivery available on plain items in stock. Nobody beats our prices and quality. Compare and save. We urge our customers to order early and allow proper lead time. Please see our help/faq section for further info on ordering and lots of good advice. Call Vivian Sari for fast customer service. She says she'd love to tell you everything there is to know about lanyards, blank lanyards and fast overnight shipping. For our company in it's 20th year, these are the ultimate survivors, she calls them — and we focus on orders from five to 50,000. Once we get talking, she says, you'll always order from The Lanyards Store. Our customers often say, 'I've never had better service than this,' and that makes us proud. Our research with these products has taken years. Whether your order is for 72 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, you'll find that nobody can beat our manufacturing-direct pricing. Many times, we are less than half the amount of our competitors! You'll also find that our acclaimed graphics dept. and customer service is next to none. We are experts in the making and delivery these printed items. We also export to anywhere in the world. Blank lanyards low as 19 cents each. Overnight delivery available on plain items in stock. Nobody beats our prices and quality. Compare and save.



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