Lead time

In general, we can get an order out in 7-8 business days (So that's about 2 weeks with graphic time).


Blank lanyards in stock will ship the next business day, via ground service.


Often we can "hurry an order up". But we don't know until we have your order in, with artwork, what it will entail.


Slow Production: Some larger orders are placed with slowest lead time for best pricing. These are understood to have NO deadline and can take 8 weeks or longer for the best pricing.


When you have an order that is pushing the deadline, DO NOT send in the question form asking if we can get it done in time.... this just wastes one more valuable day. We can't schedule an order until you send it.


So if you need the order quickly, don't send an inquiry... Fill out our order form and send the order in... then call us right away.