1) We do not charge your credit card when the order is sent in. The order, and graphics, must first be verified and confirmed by you and our staff. Once you've approved the graphic and the order is a go, then we will charge your card . 

3) We do not store your credit card info on our servers or on any hard drive. Credit card info is deleted to avoid any possibility of unauthorized persons getting it.

4) If you feel better phoning your payment info in, you may call (888) 592.4248. Please have your workorder number ready.

5) DEBIT CARDS! We gladly accept debit cards. However, you must notify us (in "comments") that it is a debit card. Otherwise your order may be delayed and miss it's deadline when the order is ready to ship and the card is declined.

6) Paypal We do accept paypal also.


1) Automatic 30-Day billing is available to the following organizations:
     --Government and Military (.gov or .mil email address)
     --Fortune 500 Companies
     --Many other larger organizations upon approved credit.

2) We are proud to also offer 30-day billing to other customers. Credit approval requirement apply. Once order is in you will be contacted by our customer service department for any necessary info. Customers who wish to be billed should still enter a valid credit card number on the order form (no debit cards). In the "comments" section write "Please bill me - do not charge card". Your card will NOT be charged if you indicate this and if the bill is paid.  


Orders may be prepaid by check. Please make check payable to "Idea Express, Inc" and send to:
Idea Express, Inc
Accts. Rec.
1400 Colorado St. Suite C
Boulder City, NV 89005