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Where can you find Lanyards? How about at The Lanyards Store?!
Lanyards. We make 'em. We print 'em. We've done it since before there was an internet (20 years now). And we do it in the USA.

There are many sites now coming online that profess to be in the lanyards business. They are expert at search engine manipulation and spam tactics. Right now, the number one Google search for "Lanyards" pulls up a spam site run by a group of guys in India who don't have a physical presence in the U.S., don't have a store, don't stock lanyards or print them. It is just a website that they promote through other websites in their network. Ironically, on their website is a banner stating "We are factory direct", and "Lanyards printing" Hilarious. Perhaps we should build a website saying we are brain surgeons. Anyone can build a website about anything. It's getting easier and easier. And now instead of the oldest, most established or most authentic "lanyards manufacturer" coming to the top of your search, it's the best fake manipulator of Google's automated hierarchical ratings system.

Call us. Our lanyards warehouse is here in the USA. We make lanyards, and yes we are "factory direct". No, we are not the best and manipulative C E O tactics (or S A O...  whatever it's called). We don't have time to lie, manipulate, market and cheat some automated search system. We're just busy being the best lanyards company in the USA (sorry Google).

So when you want lanyards, and you want them cheap, and you want them printed and shipped fast, don't call some random high-ranking website. Call The Lanyards Store.  


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Lanyards direct and fast. Sold at the prices anywhere. Nobody beats our (Truly) factory-direct lanyards and low cost discounts. See for yourself, just go to other websites and see who the real deal is. We have been in business for over 20 years now. Whether your order is for 72 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our direct pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service. These items found in China, Vietnam and other countries, and imported to USA still cost more. And be told again our rep Vivian says she felt an urgency to help all customers quickly. It is like the urgency that animated our business every day. We also export to anywhere in the world.

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Printed in USA



Featuring High Quality Unbreakable Polyester


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