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Every company that deals with security requires security badge lanyards for its staff. A security badge is regarded as a part of the uniform and often even regarded as more important than the uniform itself. The security badge lanyards should be different than the lanyards used for all the other departments. This is not absolutely necessary but it will definitely increase the credibility of your security staff.

No one really wants to see security staff with pink lanyards at their necks. Usually, most of customers go for blue or black lanyards and custom badge holders with printed text such as “Security”. Security is important in any institution, company or event. For that reason the uniform needs to match the profile of the job. The uniform is also comprised of pepper spray, mace and lanyard ID card. The badge has to come with an ID, the credentials of the one in charge with security have to be visible and they don’t have to be requested. A good lanyard will always work in the favor of security staff offering more credibility and making people feel safer.

The Lanyards Store has been in the business for over the past 15 years. We are on the first page of Google since the beginning, offering high-quality lanyards for low prices. We complete hundreds of orders and sell millions of lanyards and accessories every year. Our customers keep returning to LanyardStore for more lanyards and they all take advantage of our ASI tier price structure that offers them great discounts of up to 8 times less than the original price. That’s how much you can save by purchasing bulk lanyards from Our services also include live support, where you can ask any question and get an instant response regarding lanyard manufacturing or how to complete your order.

If you have any questions please free to ask us. The chat is on the bottom right side of your screen. Contact us and let us provide you with the cheapest high-quality lanyards in the industry. Our expertise will meet your standards of security.  


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