Closeout prices no on Lanyards. We currently have wholesale lanyards as low as 20 cents. We are the cheapest source for lanyards anywhere - guaranteed.

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How do we personalize lanyards with your logo, and ship them in 24 hours?!

Wholesale Lanyards A good marketing plan is comprised of effective and affordable marketing strategies. It’s challenging to get the most out of your budget when it comes to promoting your own brand because you always want to buy the best services and promotional items.

Thanks to the ASI tier prices structure that applies to all products manufactured by The Lanyards Store, you can now afford to buy promotional items at unbelievable low prices. There’s nothing more cost-efficient when it comes to low level marketing than purchasing wholesale lanyards directly from the manufacturer. The Lanyards Store is a direct lanyard seller. There is no middleman involved when you do business with us. That’s why we are able to offer the lowest prices in the industry. Your transactions are safe and confidential. You talk directly to our sales managers and your order will be completed in a very professional manner, just like we have been doing for the past 15 years since we are in this business. We are a lanyard seller ranking on the first positions in Google and we ship millions of lanyards and accessories each year. The way you get the most out of discounts is by purchasing whole lanyards and accessories. Nothing sais ‘bargain’ like we discount offers, specially the huge price reductions applied to bulk orders for lanyards. Here is a quick example of how much you can save with

Let’s assume that you want to purchase a large number of custom lanyards. When you buy less than 100 items the cost per lanyard can go as low as $1.95; if you buy 1,000 items the cost per lanyard goes down to $0.67 per lanyard and can even go down to $0.26 per lanyard if your order more than 100,000. So, the more you buy the cheaper our products get. You are going to buy a lot of lanyards for as long as your business last, so an early investment in wholesale lanyards will definitely pay out on the long run. You simply can’t go wrong with the low level marketing tools offered by LanyardStore. Contact us and let’s make an order!

How can we offer wholesale lanyards as low as 15 cents? Because we are only domestic company that can bring you TRUE factory direct lanyards and that mean lowest price for you! We are the lowest priced factory for custom badgeholders and retractable badge holders also. Anywhere - guaranteed. Compare and save. Our printing factory is ISO 9000 certified so your lanyard quality and speed production is affirmed. We have full cutting facility and also produce neck wallets, document carriers, cat and dog collars, pet leashes and other quality items. We have been in business for over 15 years. If your order is for 150 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our lanyards direct pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service. Our domestic U.S. customer service will be help you with your lanyards order.     


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Our 150,000 square foot warehouse is fully stocked with lanyards of all types for immediate shipping within the US and Canada.
We produce and print all of our lanyards IN-HOUSE, without middle-men. 100% of the websites you see online are middle-men (many of whom buy from us).
That's why our prices are lower and our production and shipping is faster.
Nobody else can give you printed lanyards with 1-day rush service.


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