Lanyards Store also offers woven logo lanyards (lanyards with embroidered logo rather than screen printed). This alternative means your logo woven into the material of the lanyards.

Woven Logo Lanyards

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Learn more about woven-in logo lanyards vs. screen printed lanyards

Do you want your lanyards to make the maximum visual impact on your customers? Then woven in logo lanyards may be what you are looking for. Few other types of lanyards are able to create such a profound effect on both their wearer as well as the people around them. Woven in logo lanyards are somewhat different than screen printed lanyards. They offer a brand new perspective to what a quality promotional item means.

Woven logo lanyards is, in a nutshell, embroidered lanyards. Your logo is embroidered into the material similar to the embroidery of a patch. The cost, of course is higher than screen printing, which is a faster, more high-volume process. Screen printing uses our special web strap material screen printing machine which can print very large amounts of material relatively fast. Embroidering is a woven-in logo process which takes longer.

Your logo woven on a lanyard tells your customers that you are an established company that delivers quality services and products. It’s uncommon to see many companies opting for this particular lanyard style but when they do, we know that they mean business and we know that they want to promote their products and services as effectively as possible. A woven in logo lanyard is a quality lanyard that speaks for your company. You don’t have to be a “lanyard expert” to understand that just not every company uses this type of lanyards, only the most respectable brands are confident enough to invest into these promotional products.

The Lanyards Store operates half of million dollar worth of machinery dedicated to manufacturing and printing high quality lanyards and accessories at very low prices. Other lanyard manufacturers use cheap equipment that’s why they can’t afford to sell the product as cheap as we do. For us it’s not all about the price of our lanyards, it’s also about the quality. Our products fit any budget and the quality is beyond what you can find at your local shops.

We are in the business for 15 years, we ship millions of lanyard each year and our customers keep returning to use our services. Hundreds of brands are putting their logos on our lanyards and our dedication towards becoming the best lanyard manufacturer on the internet has led us to this special moment where we can afford to be the best in what we do. Order your very own woven in logo lanyards from! Feel free to ask any question, we are here to serve your cause.  

Woven Logo Lanyards

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How can we offer woven logo lanyards at such low cost? Because we are only domestic company that can bring you TRUE factory direct lanyards and that mean lowest price for you! We are the cheapest source for all lanyards and retractable badge reels also. Anywhere... guaranteed! Compare and save. Our cutting factory is ISO 9000 certified so your lanyard quality and speed production is affirmed. We have full cutting facility and also produce tote bags, backpack, fanny pack and other quality items. We have been in business for over 15 years. Whether your order is for 50 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our lanyards direct pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service. Our domestic U.S. customer service will be help you with your woven logo lanyards order.


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