Schools – Students (for field trips, etc) 
Students in schools have myriad uses for lanyards. Most students wear them on field trips and conferences. During field trips it is fairly important to be aware of who are the people around you and what is happening within your group in order to avoid confusion. Wearing neck lanyard ID cards is not necessarily a must but they do facilitate the process of better organizing trips, and thereby giving more time for fun activities. In addition to field trips, students may need lanyards when attending pep rallies, seminars or other functions. Many students participate in science fairs, cheerleading, marching band or other extracurricular activities and need a lanyard and ID badge to help the events stay organized. Many schools opt for breakaway lanyards, especially for cheerleading and pom-pom squads. This prevents the lanyard from causing choking if a fight breaks out between girls, which seems to be quite common, at least on a lot of youtube videos we watch… a lot.

Public Speakers and Seminar Givers
As a person who conducts seminars or classes, you will always want to have your lanyard ID card somewhere on your person, mainly in situations where people might need to understand who you are, more likely in the beginning of the course with new students or when you attend a gathering or a conference. In addition, it’s a good idea to hand lanyards, printed with the name of your class or seminar, with IDs so that your students can identify each other. Many will keep the lanyard or give it to friends or co-workers, which will further promote your seminar. Lastly but not leastly, many motivational speakers are notable egomaniacs like Anthony Robbins and thus will very much relish seeing thousands of audience members wearing lanyards with their name printed on it.

Coaches use neck lanyard ID cards mainly when they are in a gym or on the field. In these circumstances, confusion can be easily made since everyone is wearing almost the same outfit. The students as well as the people on the sides will easily recognize a coach that is wearing a lanyard ID card. In addition, you’ll see many coaches keep their notes and play cards in a hanging neck-wallet type of carrier. This keeps their hands free so they can make obscene gestures at the referees or players, or simply wave their arms angrily as if trying to fly away. It’s also good for coaches to have breakaway lanyards as this prevents hanging one’s self.

Corporate Employees
Most corporate companies have strict hierarchies of positions. In such a structured place, corporate employees find it necessary to wear a lanyard with an ID card, especially when entering a secure area and not only that, recognizing someone by their lanyard ID card provides a better and a much efficient workplace. Most larger corporations have full time security guards at the doors and employees may not enter unless wearing proper ID. This lessens the likelihood of corporate spying, and also helps lower their liability from events that might cause harm to one or more employees, such as an ex-husband coming in and blasting people he thought might have been cheating with his wife… that sort of thing. And thus, a lanyard or badge reel is simply mandatory. Lanyard pouches are also designed to hold keys, business cards as well as the paperwork behind the ID badge.

Trade Show Attendees 
In the trade show environment neck lanyard ID cards are the only identification method of the person that you are speaking too. This comes in handy for attendees that only want to speak to specific people inside each company. Usually, every single trade show attendee must wear an ID badge in order to enter the arena, and there are security personnel in place who diligently make sure that not a single unidentified person breaches the secure perimeter of the exhibitor floor. Why they do this is one of the World’s great unexplained mysteries, since any lunatic can easily get a badge simply by walking up to the counter and requesting one. In most cases, Its not like they check drivers licenses to verify attendees are who they say they are. And in fact, at most trade shows this author has attended, the individuals walking around inside the building are a lot scarier than the people hanging out in the streets outside. But I digress. At any rate, when it comes to other activities like conferences or trade shows, wearing a badge or an ID in a visible spot becomes upmost important because everyone is looking at your chest to see who you are. So the purpose of lanyards in this sector is to facilitate human interaction rather than security.

Convention Promoters and Exhibitors 
In various social and business events the ability to quickly identify people around you and the company that they work for, as well as the group that they belong too, becomes very important. At these conventions this can only be done by wearing a neck lanyard ID card. On business conventions the attendees often wear lanyards with personalized logos of their company or the institution that they are representing. Of course some people would be better off if people did not know who they were, due to their previous activities. But I digress.

Concert Promoters & Event Promoters 
The showbiz industry is all about “who is who”. This is where custom neck lanyard ID cards become extremely important. Concert or rave promoters and event promoters have to make themselves noticed and recognized by media as well as by the artists.  Usually a promoter needs to order quite a few lanyards for any event they are sponsoring. Lanards are used by security personnel, roadies, band crew, media and other special individuals who will be allowed backstage. Most importantly, lanyards are used to hold highly prized and decorative backstage passes, which are given to groupies and babes which makes them feel like they’re VIPs and puts them in a good mood. This, in turn, will usually result in greater happiness for the promoter, as well as the rest of the band, crew, roadies and media. Without lanyards, the babes might lose their VIP passes and the entire event would be a waste. But I digress.

Wedding Attendees 
In medium and large weddings the grooms offer individual lanyard ID cards to the attendees. This makes the wedding much more enjoyable and “official” for everyone that is attending. Just by taking a glance on someone’s ID card he or she can start a conversation. In addition, giving out custom printed lanyards with Bride and Grooms names and wedding date makes a great wedding favor! Weddings are also one of those situations where security may become important since there is free food and alcoholic beverages at the wedding. Therefore the use of an ID card lanyard might have dissuaded John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, i.e. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn from crashing that wedding they did and ruining everything. Bradley Cooper would have been very wise to have invested in a few lanyards for that day. Poor planning Bradley, very poor planning… Luckily you wouldn’t want to be married anyway, since now you’re the Sexiest F%*#ing Man Alive. But I, again, digress.

Fundraising is not an easy job. You are asking people to part with their hard-earned money, so that, for instance, your marching band can go to some competition in Springfield, or something else of dubious importance. This you request in a World that is literally falling apart at the seams with much greater problems, children starving, puppies and kittens being euthanized, animals going extinct. You’ve got some nerve. This is why the way you present yourself is important and you should think about what gifts you can give in return with might be desirable and useful, but still very inexpensive for you. Offering lanyards, printed with their school mascot, University name or other organization which they are proud to be a part of, is one way to trigger their impulse buying response.  You should also be wearing the lanyard, which makes them want one too. By wearing a neck lanyard ID card will make people be more open to you because they already know who you are by looking at your ID, therefore not getting intrigued by having to ask all these questions regarding your identity. This will facilitate the acceptance process of your fundraising offers and will have a positive psychological impact on the financial transparency of the NGO that you are representing.

Selling in souvenir and gift shops 
Isn’t it annoying when you enter souvenir, or a gift shop that is fairly crowded, and you ask the wrong person for product information, a person that seems to be the shop assistant? Who wouldn’t be, this is why wearing a lanyard ID card as seller in such a shop (or any other store that interacts with the public) is not only very important in facilitating your selling process but is also for the success of your business. But for souvenir shops in particular, lanyards make a great souvenir. Ski shops, beach shops, Vegas, Hollywood or San Francisco. People are going into souvenir shops to look for items that say “I’ve been there”. Having such a trophy is somewhat proof that you actually went. Also all of your friends and relatives are expecting you to bring something back for them, and you don’t want to spend too much on most of them. I mean, What did they ever buy for you? Probably squat!  And besides, what’s the point in going someplace really unless you can dangle goodies in front of people forever thereafter and make them jealous that you went. Nothing dangles better than a lanyard. Thus, if you are the owner of a souvenir shop, coffee mugs, t-shirts, shot glasses, lanyards, refrigerator magnets and key rings are the six souvenir shop all-time best sellers.

Retail store clerks and cashiers
Today you can hardly find clerks and cashiers that do not use custom lanyard ID cards. Besides the fact that it is stipulated in their work contract, wearing a neck lanyard ID card provides the customers with the guarantee that they are handing their money to someone who is hired there therefore making their service more transparent to the general public. Lanyards are also a part of the company’s commercial strategy, offering a visual support for their commercials and logos. Usually a store owner or retail chain would see the logic behind getting custom printed lanyards for their workers. Walmart uses them. Except Walmart doesn’t buy from us, they order from a factory in China that ensures their money leaves the U.S. and provides no benefit whatsoever to the struggling U.S. economy. This, in spite of the fact that ordering from us would probably be about the same price, or perhaps 10% more. Target and Office Depot have ordered from us.  highly recommends Target and Office Depot.

Schools – teachers and staff
For teachers and other staff that work in the schools, wearing a lanyard with an ID card makes it easier for the students to recognize them. In such a crowded place this is the only method of immediate status recognition aside from uniforms. In addition, as mentioned above, there are many functions such as rallies, parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings and other events where a teacher needs a lanyard & ID holder. Usually, it shows status and professionalism to have the school name printed on the lanyards. And then students will be reminded that this is the school, not the mall. In case they forget. In spite of the title of this article, there are probably 50 uses for lanyards by school alone. frequently does donations, discounts and other deals with schools to save them money. Our owner salutes all teachers around the World. And, in fact, he proudly claims to have actually attended a school for a few years (that’s what claims).

Police / Law Enforcement
Wearing neck lanyards with ID cards is less authoritative compared to a badge on a wallet. That does not mean they are less effective. Theselanyards prove to be extremely useful in situations where a large group of people is present and officers do not have the time to show their wallets every time they met another official or when they need to pass a check point. Many wear armband ID holders and some wear lanyards, depending on the event. In circumstances of high civilian percentage, officers clip their badges on their neck lanyards just so people can see it better. Pistol lanyards and custom holsters are also commonly used among law enforcement officers. Lanyards are also commonly used by officers to hold their whistles, night-stick or other devices they might carry. The Lanyards Store, via our website at, sells lanyards almost every week to some sort of police or security organization. This is excellent news for you, the taxpayer. It’s your tax dollars being spent, and so it’s important to use the least expensive option out there (us!).

Lineman (utility workers – using strong industrial lanyards to hold tools) 
In all seriousness, it is probable that no one else epitomizes the toughness and practical utility of lanyards when it comes to durability and securing tools and utilities than a lineman. Lineman lanyards are usually custom made for industrial purposes and they are mainly used for holding tools or secure them in place in the most dangerous locations and conditions. The risk of this job is high and lanyards have an undeniable merit for preventing major accidents. Our company sells primarily common wholesale lanyards for typical commercial applications. We have, however produced several custom-made lanyard orders for these types of applications. Many larger organizations have worked with us to custom design their strapping equipment for their workers. We can custom produce and custom print any strapping, tie-down or bondage type of strap product, with almost any type of hooking devices.

Adult Shops and Adult Product Wholesalers
Yes, we’ve had a few orders from these guys. Please refer to last sentence in the previous category above.

Nice transition, wouldn’t you agree? Well, in church gatherings wearing lanyards with ID cards for the purpose of identification or security is not something that is commonly seen. However, sells many lanyards to churches and ministries. Churches often sponsor events, such as trips, sabbaticals, or sending busloads of young members to some religious convention in Dubuque.   Also, churches often participate in charity fundraising events which necessitates having lanyards & ID holders. Churches love our light-up cross lanyard necklaces. Maybe they have rave parties sometimes I don’t know. Also, our owner donates a LOT of lanyards to churches. He’s probably trying to make amends for bad things he did when he was young. I doubt we have that much inventory though. The bottom line is that they prove to be extremely useful with large gatherings or events and are almost always worn by maintenance staff.

Youth Camps 
Youth camps are places where young people go to learn, experience nature and the great outdoors and enjoy themselves. Like in any other organized group activity, leaders and coordinators make sure that everything goes as planned. Especially when hiking or doing other potentially dangerous activities, with groups of young people or kids, it’s important for everyone to stay organized and have proper protocols for doing head-counts. Lanyards come in handy for carrying water bottles, maps, a compass, documents and/or ID badges. Good advice for all kids when hiking in the woods:  Wear your lanyards with map and ID and keep all survival supplies handy. Always stick with the group and never walk alone in unfamiliar places. Also, that underbrush ivy with jagged or notched leaves should NOT be used as toilet paper under any circumstances.

Airline Employees(also train, bus and other transportation services) 
All airline employees have to wear lanyard ID cards as prescribed in their work policy. This guarantees a smooth traffic and provides a better communication between customers and airport officials. Unfortunately however, they can’t prevent flight attendant nervous breakdowns and screaming at passengers in satanic voices. This applies not only to airports but to the whole transportation department. All bus, train and boat employees use lanyards to attach their ID cards.

TSA Employees 
All airline employees have to wear lanyard ID cards as prescribed in their work policy, but TSA employees use their lanyards the most. As their department name says, security is their main priority, and exerting authority over herds of passengers is job #2. It’s important to have proper credentials as you sit and look at images of naked people all day (hey, maybe that’s why our owner wears lanyards). So having an ID and being able to identify themselves and show their badge of authority becomes very important. Not only that but in some situations, like TSA employees that work on busses and trains, they have to be able to hide their badges in order to catch red-handed those people that avoid paying for their trips. As with police category above, if you’re going to get yelled at and treated like livestock, it’s comforting to know that some of the tax money you paid for the privilege was spent on a lanyard that was printed here in the USA..

Military Personnel 
Lanyard ID cards offer to military personnel a level of identification in addition to their name tag on their uniform and their rank pinned on their shoulders pads. Officers in charge of instructing the recruits may also wear lanyards for their whistles. In general, there are at least 50 uses for lanyards if you are in the military, and we won’t cover them all here since this report is entitled 50 uses for lanyards, and is already getting too long.   Obviously they are needed for carrying ID and security pass information. Also, special-utility lanyards are often used as part of the gear, for carrying some form of equipment. Custom lanyards printed with a unit designator or insignia helps to build morale and gives a sense of unity or “go team, go” type of feeling to the soldiers. Making them feel part of something bigger than themselves which will then serve to make any sacrifice seem worth it. This way, they’ll hopefully not question whoever it is that is calling the shots and exactly why those shots are necessary. Bet you didn’t know lanyards were part of such an intense subject. We don’t have the answers… we’re just hoping to print and sell some damn lanyards here.

Political Rally 
In a political rally you will see people wearing lanyard ID cards. These people have organized the rally and want to be available in case there is something going wrong. Never mind that the entire rally probably IS the thing going wrong. At any rate, this is also for legal purposes, where the sponsors have to be organized and represent the interests and safety of people attending. Of course, also there is pride-of-pack, which must be displayed at a political rally or convention. After all, politics is really just a the largest example of “go team go” isn’t it, after all? Custom lanyards, t-shirts and funky white fake straw hats… all help this particular school of fish feel unified, and superior to, and undefeatable by, that other school of fish. That is, until a whale comes along.

Sports Fans and Attendees 
Sports fans and attendees often prefer to wear a lanyard ID card. This is how they make themselves noticed, recognized and associated with being a part of a this “club” or fan of a particular corporation known as a sports team. Also makes it easy to start conversations and bond friendships with other fans of a similar state of mind. Thus, there is, again, the sense of unity, pride-of-pack and “go team go” again. This time, however, instead of helmets or funky white fake straw hats, the custom lanyard wearer may also be wearing a giant foam beaver hat or 2 foot foam pointing finger.

Custodian or other Cleaning Personnel(holds keys and other items) 
The custodians, “janitors” and other cleaning personnel need lanyards for holding their keys and their ID cards. This category would include personnel who are in charge of all areas related to maintenance as well as cleaning, fixing, etc. Sometimes they will use retractable key reels which will not dangle around their neck. These are the heavy industrial key-back reels that professionals use: metal key reels not your typical plastic things. We do carry these industrial heavy duty key reels by the way. In fact, in the TV show “One Day at a Time”, Schneider wore a metal key reel from Okay, I lied. Our owner was 12 years old in 1975.

DUANE SCHNEIDER: Do you wanna go to your place or mine?

Hospital Staff 
Hospital staff uses lanyards mainly for ID cards and for holding keys. Most every hospital employee has the obligation to wear its gown along with its neck lanyard ID card. Custodians, doctors, supply managers and staff in charge of medical supply, tools and wardrobe rooms use variouslanyards on which they attach numerous keys. Many staff might opt to wear retractable badge reels with vinyl snaps that hold their ID card. This keeps the ID close to their body rather than dangling around the neck where it may get blood or something else disgusting on it. For this reason, many consider badge reels to be “nurses lanyards” or “nurses ID holders”. In fact, for the TV show “LA Doctors”, The Lanyards Store provided lanyards and badge reels for the products. This time, I didn’t lie!

Film Crew – video or film production 
Probably few places on earth are as crowded and high-security as movie studios or film production locations are. The film crew has specific attributes in making the movie so quick identification is very important especially if you are new to the scene. This is where neck lanyard ID cards comes in handy. Usually these kinds of places have people come and go all the time that’s why new members always use lanyard ID cards. People in charge of maintenance, wardrobes, stage props, video and audio equipment and so on, all of them use lanyards for attaching their keys. It’s important to keep security tight on a production location because there you need to protect any famous stars who may be pursued by an idiot stalker such as Robert John Bardo, who stalked and killed poor Rebecca Schaeffer, which is nothing to joke about. In addition, you also have to keep out invasive paparazzi, who would love to get a picture of your star smoking pot or making out with one of the dancers, which is (something to joke about).

Patients at hospitals 
Patients in hospital often are given lanyards or clip on badges with ID cards. In this way they can be identified much easily even in situations where the patients cannot talk. It has a crucial importance for the medical staff to administrate the medicines and the procedures to the right individual and a lanyard ID card is vital to this process. Some hospitals use badge reels in addition to the patient identifier wrist bands they give you. But these days, most lanyards which hospitals order for patients are more as souvenirs which they sell in the hospital gift shop.

Security workers of all kinds (bars, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, night watchmen, etc) 
All security workers have to wear neck lanyard ID cards. All customers have to be able to immediately identify them in a crowd of people in case of emergency or any other situation where these workers can be helpful like finding a missing object or offer directions. At nightclubs and bars, bouncers wear lanyards so that patrons will know they guy who’s throwing them out isn’t just some big guy who doesn’t like little dweebs. Seeing that a person is an actual employee of the establishment you just vomited in, means you will be less likely to offer a heartened resistance in the ensuing melee. We also can custom make extra large lanyards for those bouncers who’s neck girth exceeds that of their head. And extra small lanyards for parking lot security like Gary Coleman, who was a truly great (and surprisingly dedicated!) security guard.

Couriers or Messengers (to hold documents) 
Couriers often use lanyards to secure their ID cards and their documentation, as well as keeping them in one place for a quick checking. Likely throughout the day they will have their hands busy and not be able to reach for their pockets, this is where a lanyard with an ID card proves to be very useful. Also, of course, having a lanyard on with their company name identifies them as a courier, and thus they are more readily accepted past building security. However, most of our courier customers say that wearing a messenger lanyard does NOT get them out of parking tickets. Parking ticket writers rarely let anyone escape their wrath. Once again, Gary Coleman comes to mind.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers 
Real estate agents and brokers, in their day to day activity, use lanyards to secure their ID cards and documentation. This facilitates the interaction with their customers and helps give them an air of credibility, believability and professionalism as they tell their customers that the housing market always goes up.

Taxi Drivers 
A taxi driver uses a neck lanyard to secure his license. This is specially indented for customers to see that he is indeed a real taxi driver and that he works legally. We refuse to sell lanyards to any fake taxi drivers.

Bank Employees & Tellers
Bank employees use lanyards for their ID cards. It is, of course, very important that each bank customer can see the identity of every worker and what is their job in the bank. A customer also needs to know that he is giving his money to the right person. It just sucks when you accidently make a deposit with the guy in front of you in line. Not tax deductible either.

Farm workers working in the fields (to hold water bottles) 
Some companies hire people that deliver food and drinks to workers on the fields. Depending on the type of worker, many will wear water bottle lanyards to keep the bottle with them while they work. This turns any plastic bottle into, more or less, a canteen.

Travelers going for vacation or business 
In vacation or business trips travelers wear neck lanyards on which they attached an ID card. This will facilitate their entrance in various cultural places and business gatherings. As a tourist wearing a lanyard ID card will get you noticed and often workers from commercial places will offer you special attention (which may or may not be desirable, but that’s another story). As a traveler in business trips you may attend meetings with people you do not know (and may not want to know, but that’s another story). Wearing a neck lanyard with an ID card will make this process much easier for both sides. Travelling is always a confusion, getting to different terminals, having to produce documents, not wanting to lose tickets or passports. Hanging lanyards or neck wallets can help keep you organized and may even prevent you from getting delayed or separated from your spouse or travelling group (of course, you may WANT to separated from your spouse, but that’s… I think you get it)

Factory Workers
Factory workers have a many uses for their lanyards and hanging ID holders. Often being inspected by their supervisors or managers they need to show their identification documents, and having them on display facilitates this process and enhances the working environment and safety. Workers who are around heavy operating equipment such as printing presses should, of course, never wear hanging straps around their neck. And may opt for retractible badge reels. In the back warehouse of our lanyards factory, the workers get free lanyards whenever they want. It’s just one of the many perks of working for

Tour Guide Companies (for staff and to give to their customers) 
Most tour guide companies sign contracts with distributors of lanyards and ID cards. This enhances their working efficiency in so many ways. These cards are offered to the staff and to the customers. The staff lanyard ID cards have information such as their company name, their jobs and their names. The customer lanyard ID cards are usually generic and resemble all customer ID cards having just a logo and the company name. In trips where a large group of people is present, in order to avoid getting lost from a group, customers should always wear their lanyard ID card, especially in crowded places, like renowned cathedrals or park. It also prevents interlopers such as pick-pockets or other unwanted elements from infiltrating and pretending to be part of the group, which can occur when touring busy cities such as Rome, Paris, New York City or San Francisco.

Travelling Groups (such as cheerleading squads or high school bands who must travel to a competition)
Traveling is one of the most fun activities young school groups can do. Cheerleading squads, high school bands and science groups, all love to travel in the name of their activity. As they often go to competitions in crowded places, keeping all people in one spot as a group and avoiding to create situations where someone gets lost is a priority for the group leaders. This is why is very important that everyone wears his or her lanyard ID card. Again, especially with many of today’s cheerleaders, it’s probably a good idea to keep good track of ‘em.

Lanyards on Mars! Okay, not yet. A lanyard ID card is definitely not a part of astronaut’s gear, but yet, we have done more than one printed lanyard order for NASA and groups affiliated with the space shuttle program (when it was active). Wearing one in conference meetings and group gatherings becomes very helpful for the people that are part of these organizations which may include hundreds of engineers all working on one project. In these situations their identity is very important and not just for the fans or media but mostly for the security guards that make sure everything goes as it should, without incidents.

Golf Caddys 
Most Golf caddies wear a lanyard or badge reel ID card as a part of their dressing etiquette. Having their identity visible is an indicator of professional competence. Their services are usually printed on the ID card along with their contact information.

Bicycle Riders (to carry water or id) 
Bicycle riders have a great use of lanyards. Being such light materials they make the perfect holders for bottles and ID cards. Rubber O-Ring lanyards and adjustable neck cord locks are specially designed for an efficient use in situations where a minimum effort is required either for taking a drink or use an ID. So long distance endeavors such as cross-country skiing, bike riding, hiking and even bird watching might necessitate bringing a water bottle lanyards for hands-free water carrying.

City Building and Permit Inspectors 
City building and permit inspectors wear lanyard ID card on their field work. Just like any other job where the people around are aware of their presence, the inspectors have to do their job as efficiently as they possible. And they need to continuously display proper credential and authority to enter, inspect and tell people what they can and cannot, should and should not do. Wearing a lanyard ID card holder help facilitate this.

Government Workers (DMV, County Clerk, IRS, Traffic Court, Secret Service, etc.)
In their day to day jobs, Government workers use lanyard in several ways, particularly for attaching ID cards. We’ve all seen this, so I’m not sure if much detailed description is necessary. Custom lanyards and custom badge reels help to facilitate a communication between the institutions and the citizens. It lets you know, “YOU are the masses and WE are in charge”, within whatever environment they happen to work. Here, for example is a random picture of a secret service guy wearing a lanyard.

Lanyards used for government officials

With such a variety of government jobs an ID card provides a clear description of the name and the position of the employee. And again, unlike many things Governments spend your money on, lanyards are cheap. Although we do charge higher prices if we find out an order is for certain Government agencies (just kidding!).

Politicians, Senators, Diplomats, Leaders and The President
Politicians use lanyard ID cards in their official meetings where a desk is not provided as well as in various political rallies. Popular political figures like presidents and leaders do not necessarily need to wear a lanyard ID card when they are attending meetings where everyone knows them, but in congresses and other international meetings they have to follow the professional etiquette. Also in different parts of the world you almost always see social leaders wearing lanyard ID cards when attending meetings or gatherings for humanitarian purposes. In addition, I believe congressman Anthony Wiener tweeted a bunch of pics of himself wearing ONLY lanyards, which in fact came from Heck, watching C-Span this author notices, in fact,  that in the capital ALL congressmen are seen wearing strange useless lanyards with mis-matching colors as they sit and discuss… Oh wait. Those are ties. How car-salesmen-y of them.

Home Service Technicians  (plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, pool cleaning, appliance repair)
Home service technicians are always working on the field. Going from house to house, most of the times to the homes of people that they do not know. Therefore is important to always have an ID on display. This is where a neck lanyard or badge reel ID clip comes in handy. Technicians can print their name, their company name and their contact information just like on a business card. In this way customers can be assured of transparent, quality service. They also use lanyards for holding their tools. Too bad there isn’t some kind of special lanyard which would also help keep their pants pulled up all the way. Perhaps we could invent such.

Restaurant workers, waiters, bartenders and cocktail waitress 
The waitresses and the bartenders often use lanyard ID cards. They want to be noticed in case a customer needs a service, so it’s important for them to have their IDs in a very visual spot like their chest where people can easily see them. We did an lanyard order for Hooters once. Just in case you were wondering.

Professional Athletic Teams  (olympic teams. Can be used for ID or to hold medals)
Professional athletic teams use lanyards all the time for holding ID cards or medals. This makes them visible all the time and it also facilitates the process of competitions. The material that makes the lanyards is so durable that it is used unanimously around the world for holding medals. Also when they travel in groups (see tourists / travelers category above)

Winners of any contest(lanyards can hold their badge or medal) 
Seriously, my friend. Are you still reading this? Exactly why are you reading a 6000+ word article about lanyards? I mean, just because it’s our life, doesn’t mean it should be yours. I think I’ll make the rest of these very short, because it’s very likely you have other things you should be doing and are just procrastinating by reading this, and we don’t want to contribute to that.

Skiers and Snowboarders(lanyards hold their ski lift pass) 
Skiers and snowboarders all over the world use lanyards in many ways. The main reason they opt for them is their durability. They are primarily used to hold ski lift passes. In comparison to metal accessories, lanyards do not rust and do not decrease your body temperature when they touch your skin. This makes them the perfect choice in extreme weather conditions.

Mountain Climbers (who use Decelerator Lanyard straps to absorb a fall)
Mountain climbers and utility workers have dangerous jobs. Their life depends a great deal on having good quality lanyards in their equipment. One of the core lanyards in their equipment is the decelerator lanyard which has saved so many lives. This is a very durable and elastic material. Lanyards are also used in holding tools and keeping everything in place when workers or climbers are up there on a building or on a mountain. This is a different kind of lanyard than the one used in trade-shows and conventions of course. Otherwise the mountain climber is going to have a relative short career.

Workers of all Types ( who use lanyards to hold tools, flashlights, keys and other equipment)
Workers of all types use lanyards to hold their tools. Lanyards prove to be very effective mainly because they are very light and very durable and act as a temperature and electric isolator. They are also affordable and easy to get from any tools store.

Businesses can use custom lanyards to promote their name 
Lots of businesses use lanyards as a graphic support for their company name, commercials and logos. Neck lanyards with ID cards worn by employees and lanyards offered as a gift to the customers, both methods prove to be a very effective marketing strategy.

Everyday use (holding keys, pens, etc) 
In everyday use and in a lot of different activities not discussed here, lanyards play a major role, especially for active people who commute a lot as a part of their job. Not only that, if you have a large number of keys that you need to use, there is no other way around but to stack them on a lanyard. This is much more efficient compared to a simple metal ring. Lanyards are also used for holding pens. When you are in a place where you need to sign a lot of papers or books or just simply need a pen at hand at any time, you can attach a pen to a lanyard, in this way you can do your work efficiently without having to find a place for that pen all the time.

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