“Million Lanyard Give” Donation Program for Schools, Charities

 Lanyardstore.com to give away a million lanyards to schools and other non-profit organizations.

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 1 – – Lanyardstore.com is planning a generous year. The company has announced it is embarking on a program it calls the “Million Lanyard Give”.  Through this program the company intends to donate ID-holder neck lanyards to ministries, public schools, youth camps and other non-profit organizations that serve their communities.

While one million may seem like a lot of lanyards to give away, the company sold over 8 million printed lanyards last year. However, co-owner Vic Pella says that up to 10% of each run gets wasted due to overruns and misprints. “We are hoping that people who hear about this will inform their teacher or principal so we can help as many different organizations as possible”. 

Lanyards are hanging neck straps with attachments to hold a variety of things. Lanyardstore also makes various other promotional products such as key holders, neck wallets and even school supplies. However Pella thinks lanyards are one of the most productive donations for charities, because of their usefulness at events, fundraisers, or other functions.  

The idea to donate them came to him when one of his customer service reps was seen taking some of the excess lanyards out of the warehouse. She informed the manager that she wanted them for her church fundraiser. “She thought she was in trouble, but I realized she was right.” Pella says, “No company should be throwing away perfectly good supplies when there are many worthy causes that might need them.”

So as “punishment”, he gave the girl the added responsibility of submitting to him a prospectus for how the company could use its excess lanyards to benefit worthy causes. She came up with the plan to donate a million lanyards, which she estimated would take about 18 months.

“Now she gets to come in on weekends and pack extra boxes.”  Pella chuckles, “I bet next time she’ll think twice before pilfering from the warehouse.”

For further information or to register for a donation go to the Lanyardstore website at www.lanyardstore.com and click the link for lanyard donations.