We are Lanyardstore.com, the industry leader in custom lanyards.
The Lanyard Store was originally formed in 1989 as a cut and sew factory. We began making and printing lanyards in 1994. In 1999 we were one of the very the first to go online with printed lanyards sales. We were the very first to offer a tiered pricing shopping cart which allowed customers to dynamically place lanyard orders, receive a graphic proof, and have their order go immediately into production. We were the very first to offer 7-day shipping. We were also the first to sell custom lanyards for under $2 each. We are still the only USA lanyards company that offers in-house printing , direct to retail customers coast to coast. We are also the only company that offers next day shipping of rush lanyards direct to end customer with no middle man.

Interior of Lanyards Store Warehouse   
Lanyards Store Warehouse Interiors Views
   Lanyards Store Overhead View
Aerial Shot of Our Lanyards Warehouse in Boulder City

Mission Statement

We seek provide a level of service and quality that exceeds our client’s expectations at all times and for every custom order we produce. Our goal is to give the industry’s most exceptional workmanship, highest quality and still the absolute lowest priced lanyards and other strap products. We believe that by providing the highest quality, best service and still the lowest prices, our business will always grow and prosper. In addition, we believe that such organic, service-oriented success will propagate regardless of outside economic factors, search engine rankings, advertising campaigns and all of the other areas that our competitors focus on.

When you’re the best, you will have success. Therefore, we leave the market manipulation to our competitors. 

We strive to deliver only the worlds best lanyards, printed fast, with rush service and excellent communication.  We are service-minded professionals, detailed oriented, honest, and passionate about our work.

A business is more than just a money-making venture. A business should give MORE than it takes. It should serve to benefit the community, the country and the earth in general. Our owners sincerely believe that business and corporations that do not operate on this premise are FAILURES, no matter how much revenue they generate. For this reason we are continuously seeking to implement new beneficial programs, such as our lanyard donations program, and our 100% trash free recycling policies. You’ll find we are the only lanyards company that gets involved with such efforts.

We are the original lanyard store. It is Lanyardstore.com who originally raised the bar in the lanyards industry and we continue to do so.

Core Values

Our website has been online since 1999! We were the first company in the USA offering printed lanyards online. We still continue to innovate new ways to bring value to our customers. Our low prices have forced all other companies to compete at lower costs, or lose business. 

Always respect customer deadlines and event timelines. Provide artwork proofs as fast as possible and offer options when possible.

We do what we say… we are the lanyards industry leader for ethical business practice.

We strive to set the highest industry standards and product advancements.

We believe in always giving back as much as possible. That is why we have implemented our trash-free warehouse and lanyard donations programs.

Lanyardstore.com continually helps businesses large and small by bringing them the highest value of product at the lowest cost. We guarantee that no other company can beat our price for the same item.  Our policy of keeping lanyard prices low and quality high, has forced all of our competitors to try to match these levels. Before we were online in the mid ’90’s lanyard prices were typically much higher than they are now that we’ve been able to market our lanyard products nationally.