Are Pets Good For Kids?

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Are Pets Good For Kids?

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The benefits of pet companionship are not just for adults; children can also benefit from owning a pet and being exposed early to animals. The British study by the BMRB showed many people felt pets helped their kids learn responsibility, kindness and also to do better in school. In fact, half of the families surveyed felt that having a pet had helped teach their children responsibility and kindness.

A survey conducted by Purdue University, showed that teachers felt that animals in the classroom helped motivate students to work well and behave better because of the animals. The teachers also felt that the presence of the animals resulted in better behavior in the classroom and taught young students responsibility.

We personally feel that families that don't grant their kids the opportunity to live with and learn from pets, are cheating their kids of many things... including possibly a longer and happier life!

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