Lanyard Donations

Lanyard Donations
Product Donations for Charitable Organizations

We currently donate about 5% of our total inventory to non-profit organizations, including a lot of mistakes, re-runs, and specialty items.

Going forward, we are implementing a donation program for schools with custom printed lanyards to encourage kids: "School is For Winners / Winners Never Quit". This year we will be donating 40,000 of these to schools, and we hope to increase the donation program each year as demand requires.

Recipients are selected randomly as items become available.

To receive a donation:

Register below for donations as they become available. Those who have already signed up don't need to re-register unless your company information has changed.


Items Currently Available for Donation

3/8" wide School is for Winners lanyards

This is the 'Stay in School' lanyard we're donating to schools this year.
Available to High schools and Middle Schools

Limit 400 Per Donation

ID Badge Reels

Our easy to use badge reels, great for holding smaller items or ID cards, are sure to come in handy for day to day use

Limit 200 Per Donation


Open ended (double ended) lanyards with random imprint and double metal swivel hook.

3/4" wide Randomly Imprinted Lanyards

Random lanyards can come with any possible print, a great choice for those who are not picky and are looking for high quality lanyards.
Comes with choice of Swivel hook or Bulldog clip

Limit 300 Per Donation


Shoelaces are a great item for non-profit charities to help out those in need
Colors come in Black, White, and Blue

Limit 500 Per Donation

3/4", 45" long Dog Leashes

Blank and partially printed leashes of our high quality material, these will stand up to the most  rowdy of dogs (or other animals!) around.
Available in Blue, Red, and Black

Limit 200 Per Donation

We have donated to over 400 organizations so far.
To view a partial list of current donees, click here.

Choices of Attachments
Split ring for lanyard donations swivel hook for lanyards bulldog clip for lanyard
Good for most functions
Swivel Hook
Good for most functions
Bulldog Clip
For badge-holders
and key-rings

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