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Lanyard Donations

Lanyard Donations
Product Donations for Charitable Organizations

We believe every business in America should take measures to help communities. One usually would not see this in places like China, India or Brazil. The altruistic spirit is one of the things that sets the USA apart from competing countries. That's why we implement things like our 100% recycling program and the Million Lanyard Give.

We now donate up to 15% of our total inventory to non-profit organizations.
Some of the items are random extra inventory, however we do also do custom printed lanyards and other strap products, free of charge, for many organizations.

Recipients are reviewed to insure they are indeed non-profit organizations, and then are selected randomly, lottery-style, as product becomes available.  We implement the lanyard donations at regular intervals throughout the year.

There are two ways to receive a donation:

1) If we've sent you an email with a code, see if it matches one of the codes below. If it does, we'll custom print 300 lanyards (3/4 inch wide with your choice of imprint and attachment) and send them to you.*

2) You can register below for donations as they become available. Those who have already signed up don't need to re-register unless your company information has changed.

Current Instant Donations If your code matches one of the ones below, please contact us immediately
Dalla71304 Cass50788 NewL60400
J.L.59241 Thera69108 Wels69369
Spear58367 Lenap51941 Bowdo58086
Antho7437254 Sherr7447693 Faith7440439
Safe 7453062 First7455402 Templ7449786
Other Non-Profit Organizations
A784684053 R784748521 S784720459
V784739550 E784660295 A784688575

We have donated to over 300 organizations so far.
To view a partial list of current donees, click here.

Choices of Attachments
Split ring for lanyard donations swivel hook for lanyards bulldog clip for lanyard
Good for most functions
Swivel Hook
Good for most functions
Bulldog Clip
For badge-holders
and key-rings

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