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Depicts a id badges for company ID

company id badges

Material: plastic
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Dye Sublimation
Common Uses:
Common customers are business owners.


Customer Profile

Name: Andrea W.
Favorite Movie: The Clock
Item Ordered: company id badges
Ordered For: Fundraiser
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


To give a rundown, Im very happy!

  I received the package three days ago and everything was in there. But I guess you want a more in-depth review and here is what I think; I saved a total of $33.43 on my total and I was just about under my budget. I totally expected the total to be over my budget but it wasnt so this worked out perfectly. I needed the company ID badges for a fundraiser we were doing and they are going to sell out. I just know it. The print looks perfect and I cant for the rest of the staff to see them! Thank you Lanyard Store!!


Andrea W.
Columbus, GA


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