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The Lanyard Store Co-Sponsorship and Donations


          The Lanyard Store, a printing company created in 1994, is actively looking for more ways to get involved in community events and fundraisers.  We specialize in manufacturing and creating custom personalized lanyards, printed lanyards, neck wallets, badge holders and retractable badge reels. We also print custom t-shirts, caps and hats, pens and notepads, bags, shoelaces, and child safety straps, as well as pet products such as collars and leashes.


             Recently, The Lanyard Store created the Million Lanyard Give program dedicated to donating one million ID-holder neck lanyards to ministries, public schools, youth camps and other non-profit organizations that serve their communities.  The program has seen great success, as we have donated to over 500 entities. 


             If you are holding an event and are looking for a co-sponsor or a donor, send an email to office (at) or call 888-592-4248.  If you are interested in participating in the Million Lanyard Give program, fill out the form here.
1108 W. Valley Blvd. Suite 6119  Alhambra, CA  91803 l Ph: 888-592-4248

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