Being in the niche identification products industry that we're in, we get a lot of repeat buyers who order lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and badge wallets from us.  But we also order promotional products, like pet leashes.  Mr. Axford was doing his best to promote his business in a struggling economy and we're so glad we could help him out.

Customer Profile

Name: William Axford
Favorite Passtime or Hobby: Placing animals in homes
Item Ordered: pet leashes
Ordered For: Promotions
Date of Response: October 14, 2010


Might Have Saved Might Business


At first I thought I should purchase these from a chain store but I’m glad I consider ordering from the internet. It’s so much easier now. I remember back in the old days when you had to send faxes and talk hours on the phone just to get everything right. Thank the Good Lord those days are gone and that you can be done with an order in a matter of minutes. I’m glad you asked for a review, because I love to give back. I don’t know how much I will be able to write though but I will try to get everything in here.

I run a small animal grooming clinic in back in Maine, and to be honest, with this economy, a lot of people have stopped bringing their pets in to receive the proper grooming.  So I had a great idea where I would partner with the local animal shelter, groom some of the pets, and then try to see if they could be adopted.  So I had pet leashes printed with my company's name and honestly, I thought it was a huge success.  It was such a rewarding feeling, and several animals found new homes that day.  Business has picked up a little bit and now, and I've been giving out the extra leashes as a thank you.  The cool thing is that I will randomly see people walking their dogs around the city and see them using my leash!  Thanks for your help.

Billy A.
Augusta, ME


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