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If you're one who has ever considered buying personalized supplies online, one could get stunned thanks to all of the incalculable online vendors and companies out there. Who is the most reputable?  Contact our Kate for accustomed service. We will be more than glad to help you get all that you pay for. Our staff is professionally trained and they are ready to assist you and answer all your concerns. Take a look at the review below by our customer Carl G. He had a good expirence with us and shared it so that others can see for themselves.

Customer Profile

Name: Carl G.
Favorite Sport: Raquetball
Item Ordered: plastic lanyard patterns
Ordered For: For my School
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


Just in Time!

When I first realized I’m out of time I knew I had to pick the most reliable supplier on the internet. To be frank your website don’t do you justice because it’s totally different when you speak with someone on the phone - it’s so much easier. Terry was very kind to me and I was done with the order in about ten minutes, I think. But you asked a review on the products. Here are my thoughts.

I was very impressed by having one of your respresentatives call me regarding the staus of my order. My order came in the mail just 10 days after I put in my order and everything was included just as I wanted it. All items were good to go and I was very happy with the quick response.

There are so many other companies out there online that offer the same services but as I found out, there were extrea charges and the customer service was not satisfying to my needs. Thank you Lanyard Store for the excellent customer service and quality of your service as well. I will order from you again and defenitely refer you to others. 

Yours truly

Carl G.
Waco, TX


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