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This is retractable reels for school ID

school retractable reels

Material: plastic with metal spring
Colors: royal blue, black, red, green, white and yellow
Printing Available: Yes
Type of Imprint: Pad Printed Or Epoxy Dome
Common Uses:
Common customers are cheerleaders, team members, counselorsteachers, students, school faculty, school staff, coaches and coach staff.


Customer Profile

Name: Charisse B.
Favorite Movie: L'Arroseur
Item Ordered: school retractable reels
Ordered For: Convention giveaway
Date of Response: June 25, 2009


To Summarize: TREMENDOUS!

This is the third time I ordered from you and all three times I talked with a different manager and they were very nice to me and very patient. It’s not easy for me to complete the online order form since I find it difficult to get myself accustomed with the new ways of purchasing on the internet. I’ve been using computers for many years and yet it’s not that easy for me to explain what exactly I want, however I’m glad you guys helped me clear my doubts and that the packaged reached its destination. I noticed the other customers that wrote their feedback also saved. Maybe that is why you guys have such a good reputation. Thank you for saving me some money as well. Appreciate it.


Charisse B.
Juneau, AK


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