As long as we can remember, Jane has been ordering items from us.  When she first started out, she was mainly doing consultant work, and then she decided to open her own business.  It's been a great joy for us to hear about her success.  She's always been a cheerleader for us (we've had people call in letting us know "Jane told me to call you guys") but she finally filled out a review form and we're happy to post it.  As you can see, she has quite the sense of humor (Look at her "Ordered for" answer).

Customer Profile

Name: Jane F.
Favorite Movie: Snow White
Item Ordered: Badge Holders
Ordered For: Holding Badges....duh
Date of Response: December 2, 2011


I <3 Lanyards Store!!!!!!

I know, I know, I talk to you guys all the time. You guys have always been so great to work with.  Roxy, Lisa, and even Jill the accountant has helped me out on a few occasions.  Roxy, I swear, the next time I call I'll have the right credit card expiration date LOL.  On a much more serious note, all of you have been such a huge help with getting my small business off the ground and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your input and suggestions (except for you, Tom. Just kidding!!!!)  Anyways, I'm sure I'll be calling in soon with another order.  Can't get enough of everyone at the Lanyards Store!!

Tallahassee, FL



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