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5 Ways that offers inexpensive lanyards and BEATS the competition

The competition in any market is often stiff and full of challenges. One of the most important challenges that a company is facing is to provide high quality services and products at a reasonable price. This can only be achieved by making the process of manufacturing and distributing as efficient as possible and by making the process of communicating with your customers as effective as possible. Striving to offer full support to your customers as well as the cheapest deals you can possibly can is the key to the success of your business. In doing that there are a couple of factors that should be taken into account.

1) A company that wants to offer to their customers the most inexpensive lanyards must keep lots of inventory in a warehouse and buy primal materials in bulk. In order to do that it has to:
• Buy the cheapest products from countries like Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and Nicaragua.
• Should avoid any type of middle-man in their process of purchasing, manufacturing and distributing. If not, it should cut the costs of any external factor that contributes to the process of the business.
• Should meet tight deadlines. Printing in-house is a viable solution that diminishes the production time. Providing the service even faster than the deadline is also a key factor here. Here is the leader in that we have full warehouse and in-stock items. We also do in-house printing. Other companies are just websites that use middle-men for this. Who do YOU think knows more about the lanyard business?

2) The company needs to reduce the costs of lanyard attachments. The main three stages of the manufacturing process are:
• Creating the base lanyards
• Painting the lanyards
• Adding the attachments

Now, the first 2 stages often depend on hardware and cannot be improved time wise. On the other hand, the last stage is all about keeping all the attachments in the warehouse and by manufacturing some of lanyards when the order comes in. If the company is able to make its own attachments this will make their selling price go down even more and the manufacturing process even shorter therefore delivering its products faster. In fact some companies do chose to make a part of their needed attachments, especially the plastic ones.

3) Being adaptable on all customer needs will more likely create more selling opportunities. Offering blank lanyards along with your printed ones is very important and will serve a large group of customers, especially small companies that uses lanyards to promote their products. Always check prices and compare prices of both printed lanyards and blank lanyards. This will tell you if a company is a real supplier or just a website reselling other people's products.

4) Offering 24/7 customer service and answering all customer’s questions
This will improve our management process by maintaining a professional relationship with the customers, based on mutual respect. Any company owner should accept only win-win solutions in dealing with customers’ needs and complaints and offering long customer service hours is a key component.

5) To succeed today as a company you need a good website.
Internet is an efficient medium of creating a good relationship with your customers. All the products have to be indexed in printed catalogs in order for the company to distribute them to schools, churches and organization as well as private individuals.

 How can the Lanyards Store offer inexpensive lanyards at such low cost? Lanyards Store is one of the only companies that prints our lanyards here in the USA rather than ordering them from overseas and having the small orders shipped to you. That is why we can do such low minimum quantity lanyards, and that mean lowest price for you!  We are the cheapest source for printed badgeholders and retractable badge reels also. Anywhere... guaranteed! Compare and save. Our cutting factory is ISO 9000 certified so your lanyard quality and speed production is affirmed. We have full cutting facility and also produce tote bags, backpack, fanny pack and other quality items. We have been in business for over 15 years. Whether your order is for 50 pcs. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our lanyardsdirect pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service.  Our domestic U.S. customer service will be help you with your lanyards order.  

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