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Lanyard Fonts

Lanyardstore Tip
Ways to print lanyards
Lanyards have a fairly narrow imprint area. Thus, when printing lanyards, we recommend using either "All Caps" or "Large/Small Caps".

The reason is that when printing in upper/lower case fonts, we must often leave extra room below, because some lower-case letters hang down (such as p or j). Also the lower case letters are naturally smaller than their upper case counterparts, and thus harder to read from a distance.
If you'd like to request "Large/Small Caps", or "All Caps", you can simply request this in our shopping cart, where it asks description or font of imprint.

Lanyard Fonts


Lanyardstore Tip
A message that's fun and noticeable is a STRONGER message...
Use a "Wing-Ding" to give your lanyard graphic that extra pizzazz!

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