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  1. Blank - Super Economy Lanyards

    Blank - Super Economy Lanyards

    These super economy lanyards are the most popular and inexpensive blank lanyards you can find.You can't afford to buy lanyards anywhere else but Lanyard Store. These are 3/8 inch wide, flat woven nylon; not the rope style. Super budget friendly lanyards. Material is .5 mm thick. For 1mm thick blank lanyards, click here. *Lanyards can be shipped immediately if in stock. ** If Rush shipping is required, please call us to verify that it can be done! **** SOLD ONLY IN BUNDLES OF 50 **** Learn More
  2. Discount Blank Lanyards

    3/8 inch Inexpensive Wholesale Blank Lanyards - Ships Immediately

    Wholesale inexpensive blank lanyards, constructed from a thick weave nylon material. These lanyards are meant to last and are perfect for most events. Can be ordered in different widths, colors, and have a choice of 3 different attachments. Our most popular neck lanyard used for schools, staff, corporate events, conventions, church members, reunions, camps, vacations or concerts. Ships from the USA, directly from our warehouse in Nevada. Orders placed before 1pm Pacific time M-F will ship the same day! Best Quality Lanyards You Can Buy! **** Sold ONLY in Bundles of 50 **** key terms: 00102, blue, red, yellow, black, green, pink, white, blue, cheap, economy, discount, blank, non printed, neck straps, id holder, badge holder, credentials, 38-bl, bamboo Learn More
  3. Super Cheap Blank 3/4" inch Wide Lanyards

    Super Cheap Blank 3/4" Lanyards - No Imprint

    3/4" Super Economy Blank Lanyards. Perfect for any budget. These wholesale lanyards are sold blank (NO imprint) and come with a plastic hook attachment. These are our most inexpensive lanyards (in 3/4" width) and can be packed and shipped out the same day. Transit time depends on where they are shipping to (please let us know if you have a deadline date!) The material is a lightweight and smooth nylon. The plastic hook attaches to ID holders or anything with a smaller opening. These are perfect for weekend events, reunions, cruise trips/vacations, conventions, field trips and company outings. The plastic hook also make these a popular item for use around water or electricity. Available in 6 different colors. Learn More
  4. Green Tubular Lanyard With Swivel Hook

    Blank Lanyard with Swivel Hook

    Did you know Swivel hooks are perfect to hold keys? Lanyard Specs: 3/8 inch wide 17 inches long Swivel Hook Not the correct lanyard you want? Click Here Learn More
  5. Double Ended Bulldog Clip Lanyard

    Blank Double Ended Lanyards

    These lanyards have dual attachments to be used with ID/Badge holders that have an opening or hole on each side. Your choice of bulldog clip or swivel hook. The bulldog clips work with horizontal slit openings at the top of the ID holders. The swivel hooks work with round holes. Would you like them custom printed? Try here Learn More
  6. Blank Double-Ended Lanyard - Open Ended with 2 Attachments

    Blank Open-Ended Lanyards

    These are open-ended lanyards. Also known as double-ended lanyards, used for holding ID holders with a double hole or slot. The double hole or slot helps to keep the badge holder from twisting or turning around backwards. Comes with either double swivel-hooks (J-hooks), or double bulldog clips. The swivel hooks work with round holes. The bulldog clips works with a horizontal slot hole. Material: Tubular Polyester Total Length: 34" (not including fastener) - Hangs 17" when worn In Stock: Orders Received Before 1pm PST Usually Ship Same Day! Learn More
  7. Blank Lanyard with Split Ring

    Blank Lanyard with Split Ring

    Blank lanyard that comes with a Split ring About these lanyards: 3/8 inch wide 17 inches long Split Ring(key ring) Not the correct attachment? Click Here Learn More
  8. Unique Mardi Gras Beads Lanyard with Trigger Hook

    Unique Mardi Gras Beads Lanyard with Trigger Hook

    Unique Item... Not available anywhere else! This item comes blank only (no customization) as shown. Mardi Gras beads lanyard with chrome metal key ring and a trigger hook attachment. Beads are standard Mardi Gras style beads of average size and weight. Key ring and trigger hook are high quality Mix-n-Match bead colors' Although a blank item, these are assembled at the time of order, and thus require normal production time. Rush is service available. Please let us know your deadline date! Colors Available: Gold, Red, Silver, Blue, Purple, Green & Black search terms: mardi gras beads lanyard, bead ID holder, mardis gras keyring, mardis gras necklace, badge holder Learn More
  9. Blank tubular bulldog clip lanyard

    Blank Lanyard with Bulldog Clip

    This blank (non printed) lanyard is 3/8 inches wide and has a bulldog clip attachment. Lanyard length: 17 inches when worn (without fastener) or 34 inches if straightened out Not the lanyard your looking for? Click Here Learn More
  10. Blank Breakaway Lanyards

    Blank Breakaway Lanyards

    These lanyards have a breakaway connector in the back of the neck that is a safety feature designed to break free when it is pulled on hard enough or gets caught in machinery. Sometimes referred to as "quick release lanyards" These are used in situations where the lanyard needs to be able to break away and be easily detachable from the neck for safety purposes. Commonly used by schools, hospitals, around dangerous machinery, security/staff, correctional institutions, etc. SPECIFICATIONS: 1) Has a flat breakaway connector in back of neck (safety feature) 2) Item is a thick weave, tubular polyester 3) 3/8 inch wide only 4) Choice of a bulldog clip or swivel hook. These are blank lanyards with no imprint. Click here for custom printed breakaway lanyards. Learn More

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