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Have you seen a lanyard with an ID Holder attached to it?  The reason why lanyards were initially created was because people needed a way to carry their IDs without having to pin them in their clothing which is uncomfortable which damages the clothing and is a bit of a pain to pin/un-pin. This type of ID attachment is less common these days. Wearing lanyard ID holders is so much more efficient. Plus, lanyard ID holders can be easily removed thanks to their breakaway mechanism, and even without such a mechanism people still find it simpler to take their lanyards off their necks instead of removing the badge from their chest.

ID holders should often be a part of your lanyard order. A complete lanyard order is comprised of lanyards, ID holders and sometimes badge reels. The ID holders come in two standard sizes (business card and 4 X 3) although some companies implement special sizes outside that range.
If you are opting for low budget economical lanyards you should pair them with clear ID badge holders. However, higher quality customized lanyards required full customized ID holders. Adding badge reels to the mix will complete the package.

ID holders are also helping displaying your business name and they may deserve the same level of customization your lanyards have (depending on your budget of course). Lanyards Store offer several types of ID holders on our website including clear acrylic ID holders, ID holders with colorful stripes and customized ID holders with printed stripped. Having a professional ID badge holder is most definitely a key point in your business and event promotion, and you should take advantage of it.
Lanyards Store will always provide full customer support for lanyard and badge holder customization. When you have us print Custom ID holders, these can be used to hold cards for the purpose of identification, security and granting entry permission to certain events and conferences.

Note that you can also find ID holders at your regular office-supply stores but they can’t beat our prices. In most case, big box retail prices will be 5-times the Lanyards Store prices. We are well known for offering the lowest price in the industry and we can to take your order, blank or printed. Have any questions? Please use our live chat support.
ID holders from Lanyards Store are as low as 20 cents with imprint. Most of our ID holders are imported from our sister factory  factory-direct cheap wholesale prices. See for yourself, compare and save. We have been in business for over 15 years. Whether your order is for 100 pieces. or an entire 20-foot container, nobody can beat our direct pricing and acclaimed graphics help and customer service.... We also export to anywhere in the world.  See for yourself, compare and save.

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