Big Sale - Buy multi-color printed lanyards as low as $0.41 cents with imprint. Order ships in 10 business days for .41 to .79 depending on quantity. Rush color lanyards also available.

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Multi Color Printed Lanyards - - Printed fast and cheap.
Exquisite multi color printed lanyards at low prices from The Lanyards Store.

When our customer require beautifully colored lanyards with detailed logos and designs we offer them our high-quality lanyards printed using the dye sublimation technique. This techniques costs more in comparison to regular screen printing but the results are spectacular.

There are a couple of differences in quality when using dye sublimation, mainly referring to the fact that lanyards can be printed on both sides and the color palette is a lot more diversified for this particular printing technique. This advanced printing techniques only works on white polyester but the colors are vivid and the silky feel offered by the final product is clearly worth the investment. Multi color printed lanyards work great for every type of business. The more beautiful your lanyard looks the more likely it is for your customers to perceive your brand as being highly trustable.

Image is everything, every big name out there knows it and that’s the reason companies invest billions in advertising each year. Ordering multi color printed lanyards is a clear investment in promotion. We offer the cheapest lanyards in the industry and the quality is top notch, considering that we have invest half a million dollars in printing equipment. Customers love our products and Google rewards us for it by positioning on the first page in their results. When ordering multi color printed lanyards from The Lanyards Store you can be certain there is no middleman involved, and that’s actually the reason why our prices are so low in comparison to our competitors. Get your brand into the big league. Don’t choose less than what your business represents.

Our tier price structure allows you the freedom to match your desired lanyard design to your business theme while also fitting your budget. The great thing about lanyards is that they are extremely cheap in comparison to other promotional tools such as t-shirts and caps. If you are going to invest in lanyards why not invest in multi color printed lanyards? They will most definitely create more exposure for your logo, bringing you customers on the long run. Beautifully colored logos always draw more attention. 

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