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Learn more about neoprene lanyards, made out of wetsuit material:

Back in the 50’s a designer took the innovative step of creating swimsuits out of neoprene. This material has the unusual quality of retaining water. Soon after many other designers embraced his idea and started making clothes out of this revolutionary material. Lanyards factories started manufacturing Neoprene wetsuit lanyards to supply the new market that was created. Let’s examine further why neoprene wetsuit lanyards are so effective:

  • They are very stretchy which means that they add another level of durability and on top of that they open the possibilities for new usages. Lifeguards use them for their rescue cans and surfboarders use them for their boards. Unlike a rigid material, neoprene provides a more natural feel. Because they are stretchy workers prefer them over the conventional lanyards because they are safer to be worn when operating a heavy machine. In case the lanyard gets caught, because it is flexible it will brake, in comparison to the non flexible lanyard which would definitely cause a terrible accident.
  • They float! This makes them perfect for water sports. A lifeguard wants his lanyard that is attached to his rescue can to float. A swimmer wants the lanyard from his goggles to be waterproof and to float. Neoprene wetsuit lanyards meet all those needs.
  • It is light and comfortable. Runners and bicyclists want that every accessory they use to be as light and as flexible as possible and if it’s an accessory that is attached on their bodies, like a wrist lanyard or eye glasses lanyard then it should not be too lose as well as not too tight, it just needs to fit their bodies and not make them uncomfortable while they run or ride their bikes.
  • They don’t conduct electricity therefore electricians and contractors often opt for these lanyards over conventional ones at least for holding their glasses, their whistles and why not, their ID cards, all these attachments don’t have to be that tough nor that rigid but they have to be comfortable.
  • Neoprene is a very stretchy material which means is a bit more durable than certain synthetic materials, and it also offers a different feel in comparison the other more rigid materials.
  • People living in tropical areas often prefer neoprene lanyards, especially if they get involved in water sports.

Neoprene Wetsuit Style Lanyards Neoprene wetsuit style lanyards are new to the scene and many marketers are tapping into the promotional potential offered by these rather unique lanyards. Are neoprene wetsuit lanyards only for beach side? Most definitely not. They can be worn with most every outfit and in most circumstances. After all, your lanyard is not suppose to necessarily match your outfit anyway. Here are a couple of key things to remember about neoprene lanyards:

Generally speaking, neoprene wetsuit style lanyards work perfectly in every environment and for every occasion. Since lanyards aren’t usually items that people manifest a particular interest for, they will most always get chosen based on feel and appearance. Neoprene lanyards look cool and young people really enjoy wearing them, and since most of your customers are probably from this category, it is a wise marketing strategy to vary your giveaways and promotional items. One of the most interesting accessories that are specific to neoprene lanyards is the detachable buckle. Everybody loves this attachment! It’s so easy and intuitive to use.

You can attach your ID badge and neck wallet so easily using this buckle. If the tasks require swapping between ID’s and/or neck wallets quite often neoprene lanyards are perfect for the job. Thanks to their elasticity they adjust to any weight that needs to be carried around, unlike other rigid materials such as cotton, vinyl or nylon, that don’t feel as comfortable in this particular situation. Neoprene wetsuit style lanyards are a perfect alternative to any type of lanyard that you want to use for your campaign. If you know your customers will most likely enjoy wearing neoprene lanyards, Lanyards Store is ready to take your order. .


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Neoprene Lanyards



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Neoprene lanyards

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