Lanyards Store has been selling school lanyards for 20 years. We offer special discounts on lanyards for schools, donations and other programs and trade-offs to make lanyards fit the ever tightening school budget.

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How does The Lanyards Store do more to serve schools?

Since we first started making, printing and selling lanyards, in the early 1990's, The Lanyards Store has been especially focused on our school customers. At least 10% of our business is lanyards for schools and it has been that way since we started. That is why, each year we donate a certain percentage of our lanyards to schools, and we are continually doing special promotions for schools, giveaways and partnership deals which bring discounts or freebies to our school customers.

Most schools order lanyards for their teachers and students for events, rallies, games and ID carrying purposes. Because we are the least expensive, and because we offer an easy ordering process with custom imprinting of the school name, we get the same schools ordering from us year after year.

Back when we first started as a lanyards printing company, it was long before the internet. We mailed brochures to all of the schools (K-12) throughout the US, and samples printed with our phone number. This was nearly 20 years ago. Amazingly, we still have some teachers who remember that and a few of them have told us they STILL have and use the lanyard sample we mailed to their school all those years ago!

Now (for better or worse) it's all on the internet. still manufactures custom lanyards for your school for a very low price. And we still offer such a wide variety of lanyards and accessories that it’s impossible to not be able to create your very own lanyard that matches your design preferences as well as your budget. Custom school lanyards aren’t particularly heavy on accessories or customization preferences.

We offer the basic lanyard setup for extremely low prices, well below what our competitors are offering, perfect for school events, trips and other occasions. The lanyards for schools are simple, durable and often printed with the name of the school or an event that is particular to that school. Whether you are interested in something as simple as economical lanyards and clear acrylic badge holders, or something of a higher quality such as transparent vinyl or cotton lanyards and custom badge holders, The Lanyards Store responds in quick time frame with an offer that will exceed your expectations cost-wise as well as quality-wise.

We are in business for fifteen years now, delivering hundreds of orders and millions of lanyards each year for the benefit of events, businesses and institutions. We are in the business for so long that you can almost call The Lanyards Store the official lanyard manufacturer on the internet today. We have built a tradition of offering the highest quality lanyards for the lowest price possible. We invest every year in equipment in order to maintain our number one position. Just like any institution, your school needs lanyards that are well made, fit the budget and can be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. This demands the services of an established manufacturer that provides professional services and delivery. fits the profile perfectly. We have shipped thousands of orders to institutions, high profile events, notorious brands and respectable, well-known individuals. We're not here to just do business, we are here to provide a service, the best service on the market and we are constantly improving our product manufacturing, customer support and shipping, because we want to give more our customers. Let us be the proud manufacturer of the lanyards that will represent your school!


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