It’s not difficult to see the benefits of ordering bulk lanyards for your organization, company or event. There are actually few good reasons why one would purchase lanyards in low amounts directly from a lanyard manufacturer. The benefits yielded by bulk lanyard purchases increase with the number of lanyards that you order.

However, there are customers that aren't fully "sold" on the idea of buying lanyards in bulk, and we understand their worries (please excuse the play on words). Purchasing a large number of lanyards, which may be directly responsible for the success of your marketing campaign, can be in certain situations a wise, yet risky, business move. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions associated with purchasing cheap lanyards in bulk.

1) Buying an excess number of lanyards
This is always the case with so many of our customers thinking that there is such a thing as “too many lanyards”. You will always find a good use for extra lanyards. Even if you give them to your employees or as giveaways to your customers, lanyards can literally become your best salesman. How would you get your name out there if not by offering small gifts such as cheap lanyards to your customers?

Once you see the potential of ordering cheap lanyards in bulk and the kind of response you get, you'll want to get more, supplying your business with a solid low-level marketing tool. Having no extra lanyards in the middle of your marketing campaigns is a mistake every business should avoid. Let’s not forget, bulk lanyards are cheap; ordering extra will always pay out in the long run.

2) Cheap lanyards in bulk are of lower quality
We often get asked the question of whether ordering bulk lanyards will hinder the quality of the final products. Absolutely not! For organizations that are looking for huge orders, there is actually a special printing technique used.

We use the same materials and quality of printing whether we print 10 lanyards or 5,000. Cheap lanyards in bulk are never of lower quality unless you specifically opt for a more affordable option, which some of our customer do, hence the very low price. Depending upon the quality that you're hoping to get from your customized lanyard, the final lanyard order can vary in price, but usually when companies decide to purchase lanyards in bulk, they opt for a something in the middle, which is a lower quality than plastic or cotton lanyards, but a higher quality than our economy lanyards, which are often disposable after being used one time like at conventions or expos.

3) Bulk lanyards take longer to get delivered
We know what you thinking: customized bulk lanyards take longer to get delivered because more time is required to produce them and ship them to the required location. That's not true, unless you need an emergency delivery in a matter of hours.  If you're in charge or ordering lanyards, and you either forget or put it off so you need 10,000+ by the next day, we would suggest that you use that time to start looking for another job. Usually, it takes a couple of weeks to print large orders and then a few days to ship depending where we're sending them to. You're more than welcome to call one of our customer service reps to get a better picture. There’s no need to worry about delivery time frame when talking about bulk lanyards.

4) Bulk lanyards are only for very large companies
You don’t need to have a large company to benefit from the great discounts offered to all bulk lanyard orders from LanyardStore. Bulk orders apply to all types of companies, from the smallest startup up to the largest corporate firm. Considering that lanyards are mainly destined for your marketing campaigns you will always want to buy lanyards in bulk. As a business, you want to minimize the costs as much as possible and for that purpose you need to take advantage of discounts and low shipping costs bulk lanyards have offer.

If you are organizing an event, you probably know how difficult it is to get all your marketing and ID tools managed properly, but of course, you probably have staff handling this part of your business. Nonetheless, always buy lanyards in bulk for maximum efficiency in both your management and financial department.

5) Customization options for bulk lanyards is limited
This is so far from the truth. The more lanyards you order the more customization options become available. When you plan to order cheap lanyards in bulk you will realize that the cost goes well below what you may have initially thought, giving you the opportunity to customize your lanyards even further, adding more quality to the final products, which means customers and employees will like them better. It’s always a good idea to order a greater quality lanyard if your budget permits.

Higher quality lanyards seem to be used for a longer period of time, becoming a part of the apparel. Most everyone seems to use lanyards these days when at work or when practicing sports. They are indispensable for holding keys, IDs, water bottle and many other useful items without which our lives would be so much difficult. Imagine a conference or a tradeshow without lanyard ID cards - it would simply be a total chaos.

Thanks to our helpful staff, you can create your own special lanyard in a short period of time and we will be able to scale it to the number of copies that you need. We will then be able to store your artwork for further reference and orders. There is no such thing as poor quality when it comes to ordering our lanyards.

Purchase bulk lanyards confidently without worrying that you might be compromising on quality. Whether you purchase lanyards from LanyardStore or from other online retailer, you'll still be making a good investment. Of course, you'd make a better investment if you ordered from us. :)  We offer some of the greatest discounts on the internet, so we strongly advise you to have a look at all of our custom lanyard options.