A fair or midway can be a lot of fun for people of all ages. There’s games to play, food to eat and rides that be as relaxing as a turn on the merry go round or as thrilling as a whirl on the double ferris wheel or roller coaster. Whether the fair is a fundraising event or a private enterprise, it is sure to draw crowds of people all wanting to have a good time. While fairs and midways have usually relied on selling tickets, there is a better way. Instead of tickets, why not try using custom printed lanyards?

Custom printed lanyards make it easy for people to enjoy all the activities that your fair has to offer, and it is really convenient. Instead of having to buy a whole bunch of tickets, they only have to buy one lanyard that acts as a “pass” for all the rides and games. Since most people are willing to pay a premium for convenience, you can price the lanyard according to how much an average person would spend in a day, and add a little bit extra to that. It’s a win- win situation, as your profits will go up and your patrons will be happy.

Since custom lanyards are available in a wide range of colors, you can choose a different color for each different day of your fair. That way, you’ll know that the lanyard in valid for admission to your rides and games for a particular day.

Another idea is to sell “extra value” lanyards that are valid for the entire time that your fair or midway is open. The person buying one can use it without having to buy a new lanyard each day. This can have the positive effect of encouraging them to keep coming back and spending money on “extras” like food and other items. You can also sell ‘”family packs” of lanyards at a specially discounted price. This is especially attractive to parents, and it encourages them to come to the fair when they otherwise might not be able to afford it.

If your fair or midway is a fundraising event, custom printed lanyards are ideal. You can have them custom printed with the name of your group or organization, and a portion of the sale of each lanyard will go towards meeting your fundraising goal.

The really nice thing about these lanyards is that they are something that can be reused. The people who buy them will be able to use them for something else after their time at the fair is over. The lanyards will also continue to advertise and promote it long after it’s over, and keep people looking forward to next year’s fair.

A fair or midway offers people a chance to get out and have fun with their family and friends. Custom printed lanyards make it easy and convenient for them to enjoy the rides and games without having to worry about keeping track of tickets while giving you a chance to increase your profit margin. Why not try using custom lanyards at your next fair?