Quick Lanyards are one of the cheapest promotional items around. Every business and event uses them in their marketing strategies, from the local car wash to the 500 employees corporate firm. Quick lanyards, also known as rush lanyards, are lanyards with a tight production time. There are multiple reasons to choose this particular type of promotional items but we will discuss three of the most important ones, which are saving you time, money and stress.

If you are a business or event manager you always need to take care of things ahead of time in order to meet the required deadlines. However, certain unexpected occasions tend to occur, occasions that are forcing you to make quick decisions and act fast. When you need a quick lanyard delivery LanyardStore can answer your call. 

Quick lanyards will save you time because they are designed for the customer who doesn’t have time for a longer delivery that takes several days to manufacture them and several more to deliver them. LanyardStore’s quick lanyards are manufactured in one day and shipped in four. Yes, we are able to produce 5,000 lanyards with your logo on them in less than 24 hours.

Quick lanyards will save you money because they cost almost as much as the other types of lanyards that take longer to produce. Of course, the price is correlated with the type of material used as well as with the small number of items that is structured for this particular lanyard type. Most customers order less than 5,000 quick lanyards at once, however, when it comes to regular lanyards we have customers that order more than 100,000 and the price scales accordingly. Ordering a large number of rush lanyards (around 5,000) will give you discounts up to 50%.

Quick lanyards will save you stress because ordering lanyards can be stressful if you choose the wrong supplier or the wrong type of lanyards. The order form is the simplest of all, it only requires a couple of fields to be filled along with additional information regarding the address and the payment method. If you have all the data it can take several minutes. Since quick lanyards are simple, you won’t have to stress too much with the design or the accessories. Your options are already limited due to time constraint and in many occasions, simple lanyards are the most suited.

Quick custom lanyards are one of our main products that seem to be on an increasing demand. Since technology and culture are moving faster, we have to adjust and become more flexible in meeting new market directions. LanyardStore knows what customers need and our lanyards keep up with the changes. The changes demand higher quality products at lower prices. We have invested in printing and manufacturing equipment and we are able to produce lanyards and accessories at the lowest price. LanyardStore is your number one choice. Buy custom quick lanyards from LanyardStore today!