Cord lanyards are by far the cheapest option if we consider the full price of a basic lanyard setup including the reel. Cord lanyards are perfect for non-commercial use and from certain perspectives they are even more comfortable to wear. People who don’t enjoy wearing the thick strap around their necks could easily opt for cord lanyards which are more subtle and do not draw too much attention.

Cord lanyards are perfect for business events who aren’t usually heavy in commercial promotions and were people are usually dressed up in suits. Brightly colored lanyards don’t match the etiquette of a high profile business events. That’s the main reason why event managers choose clear or simple colored cord lanyards for a more professional business tone.

The lack of complicated imprints is what makes cord lanyards a very inexpensive item. Generally speaking, the delivery time for cord lanyards is shorter due to lesser customization stages these particular lanyards have to go through before they are ready for shipping.  If the product is in our stock your order can be shipped within the following day.

Cord lanyards are perfect for your business or event if you are not leading an aggressive marketing plan. Are you planning to offer them as giveaways? Have in mind that some people do prefer them over the regular, thick lanyards that have lots of imprints on them. So, it’s a good marketing strategy to offer both flat as well as cord lanyards to make sure your customer has a choice. People are more likely to wear your lanyard if they like it.

The first lanyards that were produced were actually cord lanyards and for the past decades they have been making our life easier allowing a more efficient way of doing business, organize events and creating communication bridges between individuals and companies. Have a look at our order form to see how easy it is to order customized cord lanyards with LanyardStore. We manufacture the paroducts and we offer the lowest price on the internet for all types of lanyards. Order today!