In a world for of the latest apps, toys and gadgets, it’s important to stand out. Companies use custom made mugs, pencils, or lighters to improve their image. The objective is to gain a little more of your identity and avoid being just another face in the crowd. So, why not buy shoelaces with your own logo and promote your business in a unique way.

Now, this probably doesn’t apply to every business or every industry.  But if you business can reach into the shoe industry, then this one is for you.  And this isn’t just shoe stores or shoe makers, but this can also apply to event coordinators.  How much different would it be if you were putting together a marathon, and everyone got a brand new pair of shoelaces after the race? You have probably seen other companies giving out the same old promotional products. But these shoelaces come in various colors and lengths, and in order to get shoelaces with your personal imprint, you’ll have to find companies that sell custom shoelaces. Fortunately, you don’t have to go anywhere (shoe pun?), because we have a wide selection of custom shoelaces.

And let’s not forget the kids!  This offer is ideal for schools, toy stores, restaurants, amusement parks and arcade games. When ordering merchandise on the Internet, it’s useful to know that trinkets like shoelaces come in packs – 150 or more per bag, and these are individual, meaning it makes 75 pairs.  The more shoelaces you buy, the lower the price gets per each lace. For example, the difference in the price between buying 150 shoelaces and 1000 shoelaces is around $1 per lace.

We don’t want consumers to think that these are only for businesses either.  If you want to buy shoelaces for a small group of people, your family or your friends, you are bound to have some extra, unused laces. This shouldn’t represent a problem since shoelaces, besides their obvious use, have many more uses. In some cases shoelaces can become an emergency belt or you can use them to tie your hair. Many creative moms use shoelaces for making toys or to equip their little ninja warriors with a headband. All in all, both customers and businesses alike can enrich their lives with just a little more imagination and style.