LanyardStore is specialized in making embroidered lanyards with plenty of accessories and customization options. There is a wide portion of our customers that do prefer embroidered or woven in lanyards over the regular lanyards. What makes these particular lanyards special is that they are not printed using ink but instead, the text is woven in using strings of material. We manufacture inexpensive embroidered lanyards from nylon and they are cheaper in comparison to many other types of lanyards. Contrary to popular belief these lanyards are quite cheap.

The advantages of using embroidered lanyards

- Long lasting printing method

Woven in lanyards provide long lasting imprints that maintain its quality thought their entire lifespan. Unlike regular imprints that do fade out eventually, embroidered brand names preserve their appearance until they get disposed altogether. These lanyards are here to stay. If you plan to use the lanyards for a long period, this type is one of your best options.

- Noticeable imprints

Due to their 3D effect, woven in lanyards are usually more noticeable by customers, and that’s what makes them so different than any other type of lanyards, which all have 2D imprints. 3D imprints may not use flashy colors, although you can get close by using the right combination of colors, they do however give the viewer a different feeling when they look at them. For some reason people take woven in brand names and text messages more seriously.

- Perceived as being more professional

The embroidered lanyards are most always perceived as being of a higher quality. They enhance the level of professionalism of your business. Although not always, these particular lanyards can be used as your primary lanyards which you give to your staff. Different companies opt for different types of lanyards to represent them. It is however unanimously accepted that embroidered lanyards represent the classic lanyard style that made lanyards very popular reaching every business and social sector.

Who needs embroidered lanyards

Embroidered lanyards are perfect for every situation that requires custom lanyards. Lanyards don’t require special settings in order to be effective, most every type of event or business can take advantage of the promotional value of these items. Since custom embroidered lanyards offer a classy look and feel, these lanyards are usually chosen by established companies or companies that have a business profile that has to do with sports, environment, constructions, repair, maintenance and other similar fields. Would they be a perfect choice for your business? They most definitely would, but all of our lanyards also perfect choices for whatever purpose you need them.

One of the things to keep in mind about embroidered lanyards is that you can’t get into much visual detail when you are choosing your imprints, like you normally would with the regular printing techniques. Custom woven in lanyards are frequently imprinted with text that has a large font size because they are more effective this way. Simple text messages and brand names, all can be perfectly imprinted onto the lanyard, creating a perfect synergy between the lanyard and the imprint. The lanyard and the imprint are now one and the same object, telling others that the company is a serious brand. That’s why embroidered lanyards are used intensively by established companies.

Here is a quick list of examples of events and business profiles that require the use of embroidered lanyards:
- Construction company
- Home appliance event or company
- Clothing manufacturer
- “Go-green” event
- Academic event
- Agriculture company or event
- Sport club or event
As you can probably notice in the examples, woven in lanyards are targeted at companies that don’t require a very complex design on their lanyards, and they are effective in domains where simplicity is key such as sports, construction and academic. If you represent a company that is involved in these fields or others that are similar, it’s important to choose a lanyard that is simple and straightforward. Cotton or denim lanyards printed in a simply are also perfect for the job but the imprints can wear off if used intensively in environments with unfriendly weather conditions.

Tips to follow when ordering embroidered lanyards

1) Choose the right design
Unlike the other types of lanyards, woven in lanyards aren’t as versatile when it comes to imprints. Choosing the right design to print onto your lanyards means choosing the right combination of colors that will catch other people’s attention. This is actually the secret of making the perfect embroidered lanyards. Talk to one of our consultants using the live chat support interface to see what colors are suitable for your custom embroidered lanyards.

2) Make sure you order the right number of lanyards
There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your annual event and run out of woven in lanyards and having to replace them with regular lanyards that aren’t as effective as the previous ones in your particular circumstances. Order an additional number of lanyards just to make sure you cover all potential situations that may unpredictably occur.

3) Compliment the lanyards with the proper accessories
Embroidered lanyards often require a higher quality set of accessories simply because of their targeted audience and business profiles, in order to maximize the promotional potential of these basic marketing tools. It’s not just about the lanyard it’s about the whole item, including the ID badge holder and the accessories that are attached to the badge holder as well as other items.

Embroidered lanyards will always be one of our customers’ most favorite and due to the popular demand we offer them at an incredible low price. The price scales very conveniently to more than three times less than the original price for bulk orders over 50,000 items. How much does it take to complete an order at LanyardStore? Less than 5 minutes! And if you need additional information, our online consultants are available to offer you the support you need.