When it comes to low-level marketing tools, managers have plenty to choose from. From pens, key chains and handbags up to caps, t-shirts and other apparel, all businesses should tap into the great benefits offered by these small, but yet very meaningful, giveaways.  When customers become proud owners of your products, or when they are just proud to have your logo on their items or clothes, that is a very powerful marketing tool right there. Getting into the hearts of your customers, making them love your company and your products starts with giveaways such as promotional lanyards.

Building the credibility of your business takes time and more importantly: dedication towards offering better and better products and services. However, your marketing campaigns should never really come to a complete halt. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, which means that it's very difficult to stay in business if you don’t go the extra mile to promote your products and services. Small businesses as well as large companies; all of them use or should use cheap promotional lanyards as their primary low-level marketing tool. There are multiple reasons why you should consider lanyards to be your number one low-level marketing tool, but we will point out to just five of them.

1. Promotional Lanyards are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP
There is no doubt about it, lanyards are one of the cheapest marketing tools that are designed for all types of businesses. From pastry shops to IT startups, they represent the way businesses promote their products and services. If you are looking for cheap, reliable, easy to manufacturer, durable item that will display your logo for a long time while being paraded around, you should have a closer look to all the benefits provided by custom-made cheap promotional lanyards. The more lanyards you buy, the cheaper they get, and you will pay less on shipping as well since larger packages cost more, but less on a larger scale.

You can continue purchasing lanyards as long as your business is running, either for your staff or for promotional purposes. That’s why it's a great idea to invest a bit more in purchasing large orders. You will get them cheaper, faster and hopefully, we'll build a long term relationship!  (Hint, Hint, buy from us)

2. Cheap Promotional Lanyards Are Extremely Effective
Lanyards are marketing tools that will get your name out there as effective as t-shirts. We might actually go the extra step and say that lanyards offer a more consistent promotion of your business for a longer period of time. A t-shirt gets worn a couple of times, then a customer might turn it into a rag.  How long do you wear free t-shirts anyways?  But a customer that uses a lanyard on a regular basis will not change it unless it wears down quickly, which is rarely the case with our lanyards.

The great thing about promotional lanyards is that they somehow stay with the customer more than initially expected. No one pays attention to how long they have been using the same lanyard, and that’s why customers don’t bother to change them.  While a t-shirt or a cap will get replaced quite rapidly unless the customer is a true supported of your products and services.

3. Easy To Use
We all know that if an item is difficult to use, people won’t bother using it if they have better alternatives. Cheap promotional lanyards are usually very simple items and quite easy to use. You get full functionality with minimum effort. It’s a piece of close-looped material with a metal attachment at the end - how hard can it be? Well, if you count the accessories as well, some of them may be difficult for small children to operate and quite dangerous if they have too many fragile components made out of plastic, but there were few incidents reported over the use of promotional lanyards.

4. Suitable For Any Business
Any type of business can benefit from using promotional lanyards. If you opt for an apparel as your giveaway or some other promotional item such as pens, you run the risk of missing out on many opportunities lanyards could give you. First of all, not all promotional items are suited for all types of businesses.  You can’t offer pencils as giveaways when you just opened a pastry shop, however a lanyard giveaway is far more appropriate.

5. Great Return Value
When we think of promotional lanyards, we often think of a piece of string that can be used to attach various objects to.  A lanyard helps you keep all things together, helps you be more organized, and it keeps your ID visible so you don’t have to tell everyone who you are. In a business event, meeting, or showroom, people always look at your chest to see who you are. Even if you are just a simple customer, you too could use a lanyard.

However, lanyards have a great return value mainly because their cost is very low for the amount of utility they are giving. Everybody accepts lanyards as a part of their apparel, without thinking twice about where to use them. Even if they have one more at home, they will still accept another lanyard when someone gives it to them, especially if it has a different style such as being more transparent, thicker or has a different color.

Final Thoughts
Allow promotional lanyards to take part in the development of your business. They work best when used in conjunction with other giveaways such as t-shirts, caps, pens, although they can perfectly work well on their own. Our loyal customers keep returning to us for more bulk orders for promotional lanyards. Once you tap into the benefits lanyards have to offer in promoting your business, it’s difficult to stop using them in your marketing campaigns. Custom lanyards no minimum order from LanyardStore.com. Your business starts with us.