Whether you own a non-profit organization or you work for one, fundraising is the most important component of your business. Without donations from various businesses, individuals and community groups, your organization would not be an effective source of income that supports the cause that you are representing. Fundraising causes are many and whether you are raising money for animal rights, HIV education, breast cancer research or any other meaningful cause, raising money is the only way to justify your activity, and although it’s a daunting task with a lot of ups and downs, it’s rewarding and worthwhile on the long run.

Most organizations invest a great amount in figuring out creative ways to sustain their fundraising efforts. Some organize benefit dinner dances every year while others go on different routes, such as selling paper signs at local shops for $1 each, which are then hung on the store’s windows showcasing the names of individuals who contributed money. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that raise money for cancer are well known for holding walks to support their cause, bringing the community together.

A quite unique fundraising idea that should be approached more often is to sell lanyards and various lanyard accessories, such as badge holders. With permission, an effective fundraiser can sell lanyards to business offices, employees at hospitals, factories, retail stores, schools, and other work places where employees have to wear lanyard ID cards. Doctors, vet technicians, nurses, retail sales associates and teachers are among the many people that would be interested in being a part of your fundraiser campaign.

Most businesses, in particular national corporate businesses, have NGOs to put their fundraising directions into writing. After this process, their offices and local stores participate intensively in fundraising events to raise money for their causes. Other business can participate in your effort, and most of them will not refuse to contribute to charities, usually honoring most requests.

Once permission has been granted, the businesses are then free to sell lanyards on your behalf. The most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a lanyard design is the material that will be used. Would you also want a logo or a symbol on the lanyard? How about colors matching the specificity of your cause? For instance, pink is often used for breast cancer awareness, so you need to take that into account.

When it comes to customization options for lanyards there are many avenues to take. You could sell nylon or polyester lanyards or you can even have a beaded or woven lanyard designed for you. A beaded lanyard is perfect for campaigns that target women, since they are more fashionable and women generally pay more attention to details such as this. This type of lanyard works a jewelry accessory for most women, so you will often see them matching your lanyards with their apparel. Polyester and nylon lanyards are typically accepted all around, or in work environments that have strict guidelines for dress code such as military, IT etc. In these workplaces, you usually aren’t allowed to wear colorful, sparkly lanyards.

Permission can be given to place a table in the main area of the business office, hospital, school or any other place where you want to make some sales. Sending out flyers can also improve your fundraiser. It is a good idea to include photos and the prices for your customized lanyards. Also, provide additional details about where they should send the monetary donations and explain other things such as how the lanyards will be delivered to them. Don’t forget to set a time period to sell the customized lanyards for your fundraiser, such as a week or a couple of months depending how large your campaign is.