Lanyards are, without a doubt, the best sporting buddy. Regardless of what type or outdoor activity you prefer, you can always find use for a lanyard. This lanyard can be adapted to any kind of activity and sport, and for that reason, is a very practical and cheap item.

The Finishing Lanyard
We all know that fishermen are renowned for having a wide variety of gizmos and gadgets. The lanyard is ideal for carrying all these things and to keep them secure. A fisherman, especially if he enjoys stream fishing, needs to have lanyards in his toolkit. With the help of this simple strap, he can have all his tools with him, without having to go the shore too often.

The Camping Lanyard
Lanyard is the most versatile tool in the camping equipment toolkit. It can be used to hold and carry everything from an emergency kit to a flashlight. Even more so, a survival kit can contain band aids, a knife, waterproof matches, fish hooks, water tablets, and then be simply attached to a lanyard.

The Hiking Lanyard
From all the outdoor sports, hiking is probably the sport that couldn’t be done without lanyards. This item is actually responsible for preventing the death of thousands of people every year. People who enjoy hiking often go to remote areas, and lanyards are one of the few safety tools they are able to take with them. However, these type of lanyards are made out of a heavy duty paracord material, which is something that we don't stock.  While we don't recommend, or even advise, that you use any of our commercial lanyards the way you might use the paracord lanyards when you're hiking, they can hold other objects that you may need.  They can be used to carry tools, a compass, a map, or even a GPS.

The Boating Lanyard
People really like the personal watercrafts since they are so popular. But the problem is that accidents do happen, and crafts tend to fall off quite often. Boating lanyards can easily prevent the loss of expensive equipment. If you are out in the water, you might want to check out our neoprene lanyards, which are waterproof. 

The Skidoo Lanyards
Lanyards are also very useful in winter sports, much in the same way that boaters and hikers use them. Skidooers can carry GPS units, cell phones and maps no their lanyards. Spending a lot of time outdoors in areas with a cold climate requires you to have some sort of tissues to wipe your nose, and lanyards can easily hold a tissue supply. Lanyards can carry sunglasses and you can even slip chap sticks into a pen holder lanyard if you feel like getting creative. 

Snow Boarders
This sport is becoming more popular every year. People practice it in monitored ski hills as well as in areas that are not monitored. It’s quite necessary for them to have lanyards to carry their sunscreens and water supplies. Board wax can also be worn on a lanyard.

Lanyards make sport more enjoyable and safe, and without them, we wouldn’t have as much fun.   If you liked reading about our sport lanyards, you'll get a kick out of our sport neck lanyard letter!