Giving out promotional gifts is one of the best ways to attract more customers to a business. This is a proven strategy that you can take advantage of. There are lots of goodies that can be given out with one of the best option being custom polyester lanyards. Some of the reasons why you should consider this option include:

Cost efficiency - you don't have to worry about spending a fortune on lanyards as they are cost efficient. You might spend a dollar or less to get a well crafted lanyard that your clients will love. You can get a good deal by ordering them in bulk thus saving more money. Lanyardstore is willing to cut costs on handling and shipping when dealing with a bulk order.

Storing- lanyards are very convenient products that do not need any special attention when it comes to storage. This means that you can keep them anywhere without worrying they will break or be affected by temperature. They practically don't take up any space thus you don't have to worry about storage space. The cords are also resilient and strong and can be stored over a long period of time without any complications, if you have no plans of using them all at once.

Long lasting - since the products are not fragile, a well manufactured custom polyester lanyard has a very long lifespan. This means that your clients can use them for a long time and will never forget your business name, which is a plus on your side. This also means that they can be passed on from one person to another which can help increase clientele base. Chances of a cord being damaged when handling or shipping are very rare.

Furthermore, when it finally gets on the hands of the recipient, they are less likely to get damaged. Cords can be washed and cleaned whenever necessary. A good lanyard will not end up peeled, faded or cracked, thus the message embedded on it will most likely stick in the mind of the recipient for a very long time.

Visibility- if you give out good looking custom polyester lanyards, the message you intend to pass will definitely be seen by many, which is a good step towards making your business more visible. The traditional way of putting it around the neck implies that the wearer is not the only person who reads the message but also people around him or her.

Customization- it is possible to customize the lanyards in any way you want to reflect the image of your company. Go through all the options available to select the one that will work best for you. You can mix various patterns and designs to make them more appealing and exciting. In this way clients can also choose the one they like most. Another advantage of using the lanyards is the fact that they are not gender specific thus can be worn by anyone.